It is now possible to download the brand new app from straight onto either your iPhone/iPad, or your Android phone.
This amazing handy app enables drivers or haulage companies to easily locate loads within a radius of between 10 miles to 100 miles from wherever their vehicle ends up in the UK.

Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to search for the nearest load to the location of your vehicle by using the sliding dial on your phone, or alternatively you can simply type the postcode or the name of the nearest town into the search box  and the app will automatically list all of the nearest loads to that location. This means that before you even leave base you can type your destination into the app and set your preferred radius and the system will automatically produce a list of nearby loads.
Once you have chosen a load that may suit your vehicle then you simply click on the details and it will automatically call the customer so that you can speak to them about the details of their load.
This app will speed up the process of finding the correct load for your vehicle at the right time without having to travel too far to collect it.
This amazing app embraces the latest mapping technology and can automatically pinpoint your current location and can therefore quickly inform you of all loads within your chosen radius. The app automatically updates the latest loads as soon as they are placed onto the system so that you are always kept up to date with the latest work available.

The app is currently available for Android*, iPhone and iPad.

* The app is compatible with Android version 3 and above.
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