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  • From: Hull (Kingston upon) To: West Calder
  • From: Liverpool To: Glasgow
  • From: Stoke on Trent To: Forfar
  • From: Winsford To: Neath/Castell-Nedd
  • From: Chester To: Stockport is the UK's most active online freight exchange. Over the past few years we have seen grow and evolve into one of the leading UK freight exchange websites for return loads within the transport industry.

More and more businesses across the country are choosing as their main marketplace for finding and exchanging haulage work and courier work. From self employed couriers looking for owner driver work all the way up to international haulage companies with thousands of vehicles, has helped to improve efficiency and increase revenue whilst reducing empty running.

Unlike most freight exchange websites not only connects courier companies and haulage companies to freight forwarders but also connects them directly to manufacturers and commercial businesses that have haulage work available. This helps to create a much larger and more efficient network where more haulage loads, full loads and backloads are available as well as courier jobs and general van work.

Our online haulage marketplace is a central portal for transport companies and the returnloads freight exchange averages 3,000 active loads, backloads and return loads every day creating thousands of opportunities for our members to find available haulage work and courier jobs.

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With the cost of running vehicles becoming more and more expensive it has become imperative that companies within the haulage industry work closer together in order to maximize the usage of their available resources. Making use of an empty vehicle on a return journey not only makes sense commercially but also environmentally. For every vehicle that returns empty from a drop there is a financial impact and an environmental cost. It is our aim to help couriers, hauliers, owner drivers and van drivers find back loads and return loads for their journeys to help save them money and save on CO2 emissions.

These efficiencies not only reduce the number of empty vehicles on the UK’s roads and save the planet from millions of wasted carbon emissions but they also help our members save thousands of pounds each year.'s is the UK freight exchange that can help you find delivery work, increase efficency and save money. When looking across the web for UK freight exchange reviews you will see that is regarded as not only the best for finding loads but also for value for money with subscriptions costing as little as £39.95 per month. Now those are some good freight exchange rates that you will make back in no time at all.

Our Mission

Our mission over the next few years is to become the networking portal for the road transport Industry allowing all haulage companies, couriers, freight forwarders and commercial businesses to work more efficiently and closely together whilst at the same time helping them in becoming more profitable by using as their standard freight exchange.

So if you are a haulage company looking for full loads, an owner driver looking for courier work or even a manufacturer looking for a haulage quote then could help you find the load you need or help get that load delivered. 

Sign up to our haulage and courier exchange platform today or contact us for more information.
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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 3,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.