10 Awesome Paint Jobs
10 Awesome Paint Jobs

There are so many trucks with awesome designs that we’re dedicating a blog to them! These trucks are incredibly detailed with inspired artwork, this can show something they are passionate about: history, a movie, a TV show or even their favourite band.
You ain’t ever had a truck like me - Robin Williams was an iconic actor who played superb roles in his movies like Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society and Aladdin. This truck driver’s paint job is dedicated to him featuring some of his most well-known roles. Williams is immortalised through his fans and his legacy lives on through his daughter, Zelda Williams (who he named after the Nintendo character).
Now, this is truck driving! – The Phantom Menace isn’t everyone’s favourite Star Wars, but this driver dedicated his vehicle to it. Featuring Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan, Darth Maul and of course Jar Jar Binks Star Wars fans can’t help but admire this HGV’s detail: even if they didn’t like the movie.
Hee Heeavy Goods Vehicle – Shamone your way through the roads and wow your fellow truckers with this truck dedicated to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. The vehicle highlights Billie Jean, as well as MJ’s time in the Jackson 5. 
He who drives, wins! – Only Fools fan? Then you’ll love this truck, with Del Boy, Rodders and Grandad on the sides. The driver is clearly a lover of John Sullivan’s series. The iconic finale “Time on Our Hands” had over 24.3 million viewers when it aired, making it the largest audience for a sit-com episode in the history of UK television.

For the money, the glory and the fun… but mostly for the money – Smokey and the Bandit was one of our top trucker movies, now a truck driver has dedicated his whole vehicle to it! Even the trailer has details from the Burt Reynolds classic.

Truckers are coming – Brace for winter with this amazingly detailed truck, featuring characters from the Game of Thrones series like Jon Snow, his direwolf: Ghost and Sansa Stark this trucker is clearly a huge fan of the show. I’d imagine he’s counting down the days until the final series!
One truck to rule them all – The Lord of the Rings is a fan favourite set of movies, but this driver took it a step further and got a slick paint job starring fan favourite characters like Gandalf and Aragorn. 
Highway to Hell – AC/DC have some classic hits, as well as a truck with a paint job dedicated to their years of great rock music. Like the band, this driver’s tastes Shoot to Thrill every AC/DC fan.
I see you… trying to overtake me – Avatar was directed by James Cameron, it became and remains the highest grossing film of all time by over half a billion dollars. The visual effects blew audiences away and the sheer scale of the movie was unmeasurable, until now. This driver’s lorry has inspired artwork that perfectly captures scenes from the movie.
The Battle of Britain – RAF pilots heroically protected land from the Nazi air force during the Battle of Britain during WW2. The iconic moment went in the history books as one of the first major military operations to be fulfilled entirely by an air force. This truck pays tribute to the brave heroes who gave unthinkable sacrifices during the battle which proved to be vital towards Allied victory at the end of the war.

Know a trucker with an awesome paint job who deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments!

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