10 Awesome Truck Tattoo Ideas
10 Awesome Truck Tattoo Ideas

10 Awesome Truck Tattoo Ideas

Thinking about a new look which shows your one true passion, trucking? Tattoos have become the ultimate way to express yourself and really can say so much about your personality, or even what you do on a daily basis and how important it is to you.
If you’re stumped for unique and interesting truck tattoo ideas we have you covered! Here are some of the best looking truck tattoos around!

1 - Kicking it

With a gust of speed this truck tattoo shows you truly know how to haul like a pro!
Best truck tattoos

2 - Roll out

If you’re a trucker fan and a Transformers fan there’s only one optionfor a truck tattoo: Optimus Prime in truck form, since the Autobot’s debut merchandise has been one of the most successful products Hasbro has to offer.
The truck has gone through various designs over the years, although perhaps the most famous is from Michael Bay’s Transformers movie.
Awesome truck tattoo ideas

3 - A relaxing drive

This driver found his zen by having this relaxing truck image tattooed onto his back,this is one of our favourite truck tattoo ideas that deliveres a sense of calm, it's just a shame he has to use a mirror to get a glance at it!

Full back tattoo of a truck

4 - Out at night

Here we see a truck tattoo showing a truck on an isolated road as the sun sets, with a hill and tree in the background to add to the atmosphere.
If you’ve spent years with a particular truck it’s very likely you would want to go for that design when choosing a truck tattoo.
lorry tattoo ideas that are epic

5 - Sun, sights and speed

This truck tattoo is soaking up the sun! If you feel there’s a location that could be nice for your tattoo be sure to do your research and pick a landmark, or better yet: get a picture of a view you want replicated for a tattoo!
Retro trucking tattoos

6 - On the road again

Clear roads, clear sky, perfect time to sing along to a song on the radio and take in the sights. Is there truly anything better about being a truck driver?
lorry driver with tattoo

7 - Freedom in the road and the air

The eagle is a symbol for many, but the truck can be too.
The road is yours to own, especially if you manage your own firm. Everything is down to you, sometimes it’s nice to take a drive just to get fresh air and enjoy the world passing you by. This truck tattoo feels powerful and free.
truck driver tattoo ideas

8 - Self promotion

Truckers need help too! Tow trucks have surely helped many of us out of a difficult situation, what better way to raise awareness for a good cause than with a truck tattoo for all to see what you do for a living!

Interesting truck tattoo ideas

9 - Country road

Across the world truck driving also give us the chance to see wildlife (preferably not standing in the road) it also gives the sense of exploration and sightseeing that most jobs would never be able to offer which makes it all the more worthwhile! An awesome truck tattoo idea for anyone involved in haulage services on the open road.


10 - Then there’s this

You drive your truck… but have you ever driven yourself? Impressively the body on the tattoo is able to match up with the head seen in this image. Surely a fun tattoo to show off at social occasions! One of the most unique trucker tattoo ideas we have ever seen!
the most awesome idea for a trucker tattoo ever
So what do you think? Some awesome ideas for truck tattoos that are unique and interesting. Now for every awesome truck tattoo there is also a truck tattoo fail... the following are just a few snippets of some of the worse truck tattoos we have ever seen, notice the theme...

Eddie stobart truck tattoo

Another eddie stobarts tattoo

Eddie stobart truck tattoo ideas
Have you got any cool truck design tattoo ideas or even tattoos you have yourself? Comment them below!

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