10 Cool facts about Trucks and their drivers
10 Cool facts about Trucks and their drivers

10 Cool facts about trucks and their drivers

You spend your daily life as a lorry driver, but how much do you really know about lorry drivers? 
Learning some trivia can be beneficial, you never know when it’ll come in handy! Wow your colleagues with an impressive knowledge of trucks. Here are 10 cool facts about lorry drivers:

1. There are 285,000 HGV drivers, of which 1.2% are female.
2. Over 80% of goods consumed in the country are moved by UK-registered HGVs, with road freight contributing £22.9 billion a year to the economy
3. Lorry was a term used to describe a luggage truck on a train, first spoken in 1838, during that period trains were one of the most resourceful and speedy forms of transport across the country.
4. Truck is the American expression for a lorry, which in English appeared in 1611 meaning a small wheel which at the time were used for canons on warships.
5. A survey in 1997 suggested 7% of HGV drivers think of drinking, food, sex and having a night out while they are at the wheel.
6. 35%’s thoughts dwell on their families, while 16% just don’t think of anything.

7. Recently, HGVs have been powered on diesel fuel made out of lamb fat or used cooking oil
8. A monopoly game was once played on the back of a fire engine for 101 hours, a world record.
9. Reports say there is a single female lorry driver in Pakistan.
10. Legendary director Steven Spielberg’s very first movie: “Duel” told the story of a conflict between a motorist and crazy truck driver. This was his directorial debut which was soon followed by one of the biggest movies of all time: “Jaws”
Now we’ve given you some truck trivia to share, why don’t you share some with us in the comments?

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