10 Coolest trucker toys for kids
10 Coolest trucker toys for kids

It was a sad day when Toys R Us opened their doors for the final time after 61 years on April 24th. With such a competitive market over the Christmas period the company saw reduced sales over the years, which eventually lead to bankruptcy. While it is a sad day for kids, it’s an even sadder day for parents. Toys R Us was the perfect place to cut your rush for birthdays or Christmas in half, especially looking for very specific gifts.
Well, we have the guide for you! If you have a kid (or kid at heart) obsessed with trucks, here are some of the best gifts available for birthdays, celebrations or even Christmas:
#1 Mack truck – Mack from Cars became a fan-favourite, the toy usually comes with cars you can store inside his trailer for even more fun! Over the years Cars has made over $8 Billion in merchandise profits. Enough to make Hot Wheels blush! 
#2 LEGO truck – Does anything beat LEGO? Opening the instructions and following them precisely…. Or you could just try it without them and completely mess it up like everyone else. LEGO is one of the most iconic brands in toys, even getting its own movie in 2014.
#3 Truck models – This could also be one for adult collectors: truck models come in all shapes and sizes and with a great attention to detail with their craftsmanship. To a kid, this truck is no different to any other toy, but to someone who collects them it can be something truly special.
#4 Remote control lorry – Another for kids, or kids at heart. RC vehicles are becoming a thing of the past as RC drones and AI begin to take over as fun tech, but there’ll always be room for the classic RC lorry. Some models come with trailers you can fill. Though I wouldn’t suggest adding it to your fleet.
#5 Lorry with crane – Construction toys have always been a favourite for boys, whether it’s having a plastic hammer to whack your brother with or for actually pretending you are a builder. With this lorry (crane attached) it could be less hazardous than them actually trying to be a builder.
#6 Optimus Prime – Though he’s seen many different forms and designs, Optimus is still one of the most iconic truck designs ever created. With the success of Michael Bay’s Transformers series toy sales skyrocketed for Hasbro. More recently Optimus turned to the dark side in Transformers: The Last Knight.

#7 Pedal lorry – you’ve seen pedal jeeps, pedal tractors, pedal boats… but what about a pedal lorry? Your kid can get training for the day they dream of becoming a lorry driver with this pedal lorry with a great HGV-style design. Many pedal bikes like this you can also latch trailers/carriages onto the back of for even more fun!
#8 Hot Wheels Lorry – Hot Wheels are the most successful toy car brand, established in 1968 by Elliot Handler. He and his wife: Ruth were responsible for some of the most successful toys of all time, including: Barbie, Creepy Crawlers as well as Hot Wheels. The transporter lorries can launch vehicles from the hood. What kind of toy cars need pushing these days, anyway?

#9 Little Tikes Trucks – For younger kids, Little Tikes can help. They offer a range of lorries, all of which suit the appropriate ages, safe to say there are no small parts of the truck to digest. With the closure of Toys R’ Us the most likely place to find them is Argos.
#10 Chocolate lorry
What better gift than chocolate? While it’s not a toy exactly, nothing’s sweeter than a beautifully crafted chocolate design. The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves which triggers relaxation.

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