10 Essentials For Owner Truck Drivers
10 Essentials For Owner Truck Drivers

10 Essentials For Owner Truck Drivers When On The Road

1 - Map Book

It may seem a little old fashion to some, but a good map book is something that every owner driver should have. Even if you have the latest sat-nav you should still have a map book somewhere in your truck. Many owner truck drivers prefer to use map books over sat-nav.

2 - Toolbox

Unfortunately one of the realities of spending your working day on the road is that breakdowns do happen. There isn’t much worse than being that trucker stuck on the hard shoulder waiting for recovery. With a toolbox you wouldn’t be able to fix huge mechanical issues on your own but you would be able to fix a good number of minor issues which, without a toolbox, would have you stuck waiting for help.

3 - Comfortable Shoes

As an owner truck driver you can be driving for many hours at a time, so it is imperative that you have the right footwear for the job. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, flat and not too loose on your feet. Say no to flip-flops.

4 - Tablet

By law all truck drivers are required to take regular breaks in order to help stay alert and safe whilst on the road. When you are not sleeping you can grab your tablet and watch a film, some TV, play apps or connect to the service station Wi-Fi and surf the net.

5 - Sunglasses

Driving in direct sunlight is really bad and can hurt your eyes, give you a head ache and restrict your vision of the road. Always have a quality pair of sunglasses handy when ether you are in your truck. The weather can change from cold and rainy to bright and sunny in no time.

 6 - Indoor Sleeping Bag

Getting a good night sleep is essential when on the road, invest in a decent indoor sleeping bag as they take up less space to move from bed to bed and you can still have a comfortable night’s sleep. Just don’t forget your pillow.


7 - Snacks

You are bound to get peckish whilst behind the wheel and you won’t always have the time or the money to be stopping at every other service station. Always have plenty of tasty, nutritional snacks to hand for when you are hungry, that way you can keep your mind on the road instead of your rumbling tummy.


8 - Bottled Water

Throughout the day it is essential to keep yourself hydrated so you should always make sure you have plenty of bottled water before setting off. This is even more important during the summer to help keep you cool.

9 - Foreign Cash Card

If you often find yourself driving on the other side of the road you either need to get your eyes tested or you regularly drive abroad. It can be a frustrating having to constantly exchange money at poor rates, you should instead consider getting a foreign cash card that way when you find yourself in Europe you can use the card just like a debit card. Much less hassle.

10 - Gadgets

Every owner driver has those gadgets that they just can’t live without, and soon enough the list of gadgets will grow as new ones keep getting released. Whether it’s GPS, a headset, portable DVD player or a hand held arcade game, you will find that your truck gadgets can change your life.
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