13 Awesome Custom Trailer Designs
13 Awesome Custom Trailer Designs

13 Awesome Custom Trailer Designs

Check out our run down of the top 13 custom designed truck trailers

1) This Ain't No Rodeo
 We don’t take those kind of trucks in these parts, partner. I can’t help but think of the moment Marty goes back to the Wild West in Back to the Future Part 3 looking at this awesome trailer.
2) Postcard Vibes
Paying a great homage to classic postcards you can still get all over the world with a trailer is one great way to promote your firm.

3) Holidays Are Coming
We all know this one: Coca Cola’s classic Christmas truck, on tour every year across the UK. Be sure to catch it if you can!

4) Truckinator 1000
This trailer could be your.. Salvation. 

5) Hot Rod
Let off some steam with this design to turn up the heat.

6) We All Live in a Yellow Submar-tuck? 
In the town, where I was born, lived a man, who drove a HGV.

7) Hot Rod the Second
A lot of truckers, especially in the States love hot rod flames. You could easily see this truck featuring in Sons of Anarchy.

8) Painting Your Truck With Bob Ross
Like one of the art master’s great paintings, you could easily mistake this for a real view if it wasn’t painted onto the back of a trailer.

9) Racing Stripes
There are many trucks designed for transporting race cars, of course you have to wear your colours with pride!

10) A Cruise Down New Orleans
Can it get any more American?

11) Beyond Truckerdome
A driver has made his vehicle into the ultimate weapon for any apocalypse that might occur.

12) Speaking of Apocalypse
This trailer was made to promote The Walking Dead, I feel for anyone who might have unfortunately got stuck inside.

13) Going Retro on the Road
This stylish trailer has been turned into a mobile home for all the truckers with their inner hippies, rockers and swingers begging to break free.

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