14 Funny Examples of Irony in Logistics
14 Funny Examples of Irony in Logistics

14 Funny Examples of Irony in Logistics

There have been so many times in the past where we have seen some really epic examples of irony but didn't have a camera to capture the moment. Thankfully since the invention of the smart phone, capturing these ironic moments has never been easier.

Some people may argue over what exactly 'irony' means but whether these are truly ironic or not one thing is for sure and that is they are hilarious!

1) The company slogan on the back of this lorry couldn't be anymore ironic.

2) If only this company could find some corrosion resistant materials for their lorry.

3) Call it a sky-light if you want.

4) Fedex delivering to UPS? Could Fedex ask for a better recommendation from their biggest rivals?

5) Green haulage, this lorry couldn't get much closer to nature if it tried.

6) Only in America..

7) Taking their slogan literally it seems.

8) Sure you can fit under that bridge?

9) Not really an example of irony but a great slogan nonetheless.

10) Every lorry driver's favourite pop princess... maybe.

11) There are no short cuts to anywhere worth going.

12) Subtle.

13) Not everyone reaches their goals in life.

14) Anti-tip kits are subject to tipping.

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