16 Ways to Keep Your Vehicles & Company Safe & Secure
16 Ways to Keep Your Vehicles & Company Safe & Secure

16 Ways to Keep Your Vehicles & Company Safe & Secure

1. Security options for vehicles: Door locks, seals, tracking systems, direct police access, electric fencing, surveillance cameras, manned guarding, blocking and bracing.
2. Train drivers on how to use security systems for vehicles: One of the most important areas of a driver’s job is to keep their vehicle secure, if you manage your own vehicle, be sure you understand how to use any security systems you have installed for the vehicle. With recent developments in technology sensors are being used by many drivers to alert them of when a vehicle is being broken into. Confirm this is placed on the vehicle correctly and test the sensor definitely works and alerts the driver of any movement inside their trailer.
3. Vehicle security checklists: The easiest way to keep a record of your vehicle’s security would be to have your drivers complete security checklists at each of their stops. This would mean the driver inspects the vehicle and trailer, checking for any abnormalities in areas such as under the vehicle, inside the trailer and external compartments. You can see the full list on the .GOV website
4. Follow all HGV regulations: This is a simple one – follow all mandatory regulations that come with running a HGV or fleet of HGVs.
5. Have your drivers read the code of practice on preventing clandestine entrants: This will help your drivers become aware of the methods that desperate migrants may use to enter a trailer and the areas to check for any changes. This can be found on the .GOV website
6. Check the security systems are fully functional at each of your driver’s stops.
7. Keep a record of your driver’s vehicle security checklists.
8. Join an accreditation scheme to help reduce your fines: The scheme is designed to lower fines for any migrants that may be found inside a vehicle. You can fill in this application form and send to the address listed within the form to apply.
9. Internet security: Using security software can help protect data as well as your safety on the web. We recommend using Avast Antivirus to protect your data on the web.
10. PIN Numbers to lock trailers (never use the same PIN).
11. Keep important information between yourself and employees/drivers you trust.
12. Hiring agency drivers/sub-contractors, be cautious what information you decide to share with them.
13. Beware of Telephone/E-Mail scams: Some of which come with viruses activated as soon as you open an E-Mail, this is where security software would come in very handy.
14. Company fraud is more common than you would expect: Someone may pretend to be part of a company they are not to get important information from you. Before giving important information to any company be sure they can verify who they’re calling on behalf of.
15. Take care when processing enquiries with the information you give to potential customers: Some may want to use this information to hack into the company’s important documentation or finances.
16. Tracking vehicles: Tracking plays a key part in the modern haulage industry. Monitoring your drivers can help identify any abnormalities. Not only will it improve the safety of your loads and drivers, but you can also have an estimated time for driver’s arrival from one stop to another.

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