5 Best Video Games for Truckers
5 Best Video Games for Truckers

5 Best Video Games for Truckers

Bored while parking up on the road? Or are you looking for a game to spark that trucking nostalgia? Here are the top 10 games for truckers. Whether it’s a game focused on trucks or trucks feature in a level of a game, these are our top picks.

Euro Truck Simulator –
 As you can well imagine this game is a simulation as a truck driver (which might sound fun after a long day on the road in real life) but the game offers unique controls and realistic environments as you manage digital deliveries. Like many of these games, you can mod it to feature your favourite trucks and have some creative fun!
Where to play: Steam (PC)

18 Wheeler –
 A Sega classic, best experienced in an arcade! This game is like Crazy Taxi… but with trucks. You have a set time to reach from A to B, but you also have a competitor’s driver trying to ram you out of the way at the same time. This on top of all the cars you have to dodge, for some drivers it can be too true-to-life to experience!
Where to play: Local arcades, available on PS2


Grand Theft Auto V –

Hear me out: while GTA isn’t a trucker focused game, it has multiple missions involving trucks (which can also be used for stunts) as well as a dedicated area of the online mode dedicated to trucker races and missions. You can also mod the game to include wacky creations like flying trucks, include your favourite models or even set a weapon to shoot trucks at enemies.
Where to play: Playstation, Xbox, PC

Truck driver: Depot Parking Simulator
If you use your phone for gaming more than anything, here’s a game for you. You drive your truck through a depot, if you don’t stick to a reasonable speed or hit checkpoints you start losing cargo which has a bad impact on your high score!
Where to play: Android, IOS

Truck Simulator USA – 
Truck Simulator USA gives you the chance to hit the roads of the US, with many of their unique truck models. Moving goods across the states you can explore a wide range of environments and customise your vehicle entirely to how you want it. The game also has an online multiplayer, so you can hit the road with your friends and race to make a delivery.
Where to play: Android, IOS

With these games for truckers you’ll never be bored again!

If we missed any give them an honourable mention in the comments!

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