5 things every trucker should do this Christmas
5 things every trucker should do this Christmas

Do you find yourself at a loss for what to do over the Christmas holidays? Maybe it’s that you don’t have the time for anything in particular, or maybe you just can’t make decisions on a whim. Especially social ones over the festive period. No matter! We have some suggestions for you during this time!

  1. Don’t miss out on our 4 week free trial: During December, Returnloads.net is offering a 4 week free trial period. This is your LAST chance to try our free trial period and see what work you can find on our platform. Give it a try before December 24th!!
  1. Play Christmas tunes: Whether it’s Mariah Carey, George Michael or Kelly Clarkson – bust out the tunes while you work your way through the December month to get into the Christmas spirit. You’ll find yourself tapping or singing along to these classics and feeling merry before you know it!
  1. Decorate your truck: Spread Christmas cheer to your fellow road users, decorate your truck with tinsel, festive lights and maybe even a small tree. If you spend a lot of time in your truck, a change of scenery will feel refreshing. A great reminder that it’s that time of year!
  1. Wrap up warm and be wary of ice: As the conditions get colder up to Christmas (and after) just stay alert on-routes and of your footing around your truck. This time of year, it’s much easier to face an injury due to more hazardous conditions
  1. Just relax: Truckers work harder than most all throughout the year, so it also means you should rest easier. Take some time out to just enjoy being able to chill and fully recharge your batteries. Perhaps your version of chill is sitting on the sofa watching Netflix all day, or maybe you just want to get some work done around the house that you’ll find therapeutic. Whatever you enjoy doing, get yourself ready for a brand new year!

From all of the team at Returnloads, we hope you make the most of the Christmas period and enjoy a well-earned break! If you’d like to try out our 4 week free trial before the end of the year, give us a call on 0333 006 3266 or E-mail at: [email protected]

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