8 Lucky Truckers
8 Lucky Truckers


8 Lucky Truckers!

Driving a truck might seem like a simple and easy job, picking up and delivering loads across the country whilst taking in the scenery and listening to your favourite radio station. Sounds bliss, no?

But there are many dangers to being a truck driver, and I am not talking about your cholesteral intake from that egg, bacon and sausage baguette you chowed down from Big Barry's Burger Bar on the M1 layby at lunch time. I am talking about the dangers of the road itself.

Whether it's the road conditions, the weather, other road users or even the truck drivers themselves there are dangers everywhere. We take a look at some of the most extreme near misses you will ever see involving truckers who narrowly missed out on serious accidents.
Don't push your luck when the lights change red!

We have all done it at least once on the road in our cars, the lights have gone from green to amber, or just changed to red and we quickly jump through. Well this car driver was lucky that they were not jumping into an early grave as they sped into the path of an approaching ariculated flatbed lorry.

Credit to the truck driver for spotting this dangerous driver and braking with only millimeters to spare, otherwise the bed of his truck would not have been the only "flat" thing on the road.

Why you don't switch to the slow lane right behind a vehicle travelling slower than you!

There are certain "Do's" and "Don'ts" of the road, and the driver of this box vehicle managed to combine multiple "Don'ts" into one move that did not end too well for them. 

Switching to the slower traffic lane right behind a slower moving HGV, slamming on the brakes causing the vehicle to lose complete control before finally ending up on its side. The driver was lucky that no one was killed during this insane maneuvre!


Snow down? Slow down!

Sometimes a combination of two drivers being in the wrong can be catastrophic, luckily for this pair of ice road truckers a high speed head-on collision was narrowly avoided with just minor vehicle scrapes as one driver disregards the icy road, and the other disregards the upcoming blind corner when making their attempt to overtake the slow moving vehicle.

Exit via the front window!

Ah...Russia, the land of vodka and dashboard cams.

This trucker thought it would be a good idea to turn into oncoming traffic rather than turn around at a safe point further ahead. This resulted in an oncoming truck driver, who was unfortunate enough to be in the oncoming traffic, having to exit his cab in a new fashion. The driver seems more confused than anyone at how he escaped this one unscathed.

Train vs. Truck

So the title of this one says it all really, a truck driver fails to spot the red lights of the rail crossing when pulling into this road. If he would have pulled in a second later, or been driving any slower...well, he would be on another list and not a very "lucky truckers"

Not so cool as ice

This car transporter saw the red light just a little too late, especially considering the speed they were travelling, the icy road and the weight they were carrying!

Not only did the driver more than likely write-off all the surrounding vehicles, but also the majority of the brand new ones they were transporting as well! oh, and not forgetting the streets power lines of course.

Complete road carnage

A reccurring theme today seems to be snow, and the utter carnage in this video appears to be caused by snow and the icy road.

A truck flies accross the central reservation, bringing a car with it into oncoming traffic. Obviously the icy road combined with the speed of teh truck were the main causes, but what happened after...looks more like a scene from a movie!

Amazingly, no one was hurt!

Blocking the road...literally!

Another case of coming across the central reservation, this time 2 trucks!

These trucks travelling at high speed collided and spun each other across the central reservation and ended up blocking the other side of the road. Luckily there was no immediate oncoming traffic and the cars were able to stop in plenty of time. Again, no one was hurt but this could have ended a lot worse.

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