9 Tips on How to Stay Alert on The Road
9 Tips on How to Stay Alert on The Road

9 Tips on How to Stay Alert on The Road

If you have ever felt yourself drifting off after a long day driving, you will know it is a scary feeling. Every trucker has been there and felt the heavy weight pulling on his or her eyelids. Driving long distances can become almost hypnotic. The constant hum of the engine, the inside of the cab warming up in the sun, and the endless passing cars like sheep over a fence can make your mind go into a dream mode. Whilst it is impossible to avoid fatigue all of the time there are some helpful tips which can help you stay alert and focused on your journey.
1) Sit up straight and try to keep a good posture. Having a good alignment of your back helps open up your lungs and increases your amount of oxygen intake which helps your blood flow, allowing you to remain more focused and alert.
2) Avoid too much caffeine, a strong coffee or a high energy drink may seem like a good idea at the time but inevitable your body will crash and you will feel twice as tired.
3) Turn up the air conditioning. The cooler you are the less likely you are to start to nod off. If the weather is cold get that window open and let in a blast of fresh, cold air.
4) Listen to music that you hate, the more you hate the music the more alert your mind will be. If you hate soft lullabies then give this tip a miss and try listening to some new music, your mind with try harder to concentrate on the lyrics.
5) Avoid large, fatty food. Junk food laced with fat or sugar will suck the energy out of you as your body works hard to digest them. Stick with lighter, healthier foods such as salads, grilled chicken, fruits and vegetables (not every truckers idea of food I know).
6) Talk to yourself, yes that’s right, talk to yourself this can really help you stay more alert and at the same time you can get to know the real you.
7) Stop and exercise. If you find yourself become a victim of the sandman then pull over (at an appropriate place) and do some light stretches and exercise. You need to get that blood flowing, I’m not talking the ‘Insania workout’ here just some light jogging and star jumps would suffice.
8) Avoid taking any medications during your driving hours which could make you drowsy. You will be surprised by the amount of side effects some standard medication has, so be sure to check they don’t make you drowsy before taking any before a journey. If you’re not sure then consult your GP.
9) Quit smoking. Easier said than done I know but the nicotine and other chemicals inside cigarettes can lead to exhaustion and mental fatigue.

Has there been a time when you have felt like you were drifting off to the land of nod? If so what did you do to help you stay focused and alert?

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  • Ryan, 25/11/2014

    I find putting some up tempo music on and singing along, LOUD, helps lol

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