A Big 10 4 For National Truckers Day
A Big 10 4 For National Truckers Day

Let’s give a Big 10/4 for National Truckers Day!

For truckers across the pond, the autumn is a time of celebration. More than 80% of US commodities rely solely on road haulage and the industry’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers.

In recognition of the vital role these truckers play not only in keeping the economy moving forward, but also in assisting recent relief efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, from 10-16 September the Americans celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. In acknowledgment of these herculean efforts, during the Appreciation week state trucking associations hosted events nationwide, including barbecues, events at shopping malls and shout outs on local radio stations.

Additionally, on the 4th of October, truckers stateside will be celebrated on National Truckers Day. Yes, that’s in recognition of everyone’s favourite CB handle, a big 10/4 to that!
National Truckers Day
So isn’t it time we joined in and set up a National Day of celebration for our lorry drivers? Given the shortfall in driver numbers nationwide, and the fact that a quarter of the 600,000 HGV-licensed drivers are set to retire in the coming decade, this would be an opportunity not only to recognise the amazing job our drivers do but also act as an excellent recruitment drive. HGV training ought to be encouraged not only to those needing a career change but also to students in schools and colleges as an attractive prospective career opportunity, something a national Awareness day would undoubtedly help achieve.

Here’s our supporting argument:


1.       Without lorry drivers commerce would grind to a halt.

That’s right – from the food you eat to the clothes you wear, the furniture in your house, the computer you’re sat in front of and the fuel in your car, practically all of it will have been transported by lorry drivers across vast swathes of our motorways and countryside. This isn’t just business to business but the rising trend for online orders has also increased demand in the business to customer sector. In an era where Brexit is posing more questions than answers, lorry drivers are also more vital than ever for our import/export sector.
We love truckers

2.       It’s a job that requires hard work and dedication

Lorry driving has to be attractive for those that don’t want a 9 to 5, those that love the open road and don’t fancy a life shackled to a desk, but in today’s market with tight delivery schedules, increasing congestion on our roads and limits on driving hours, lorry drivers have to be able to cope under pressure and keep a cool head. 

Lets celebrate truckers

3.       It’s a solitary job

Drivers not only spend a long time in isolation during their working hours, but long distance drivers also frequently spend time away from home. The next time you’re pulled into the motorway services, spare a thought for the HGV drivers, parked up in a remote area, many of whom are asleep in their cab, spending days away from loved ones.
Image result for lorries in car park
 Awesome truckers

4.       They help monitor our roads

Latest Department for Transport road statistics report that over 16 billion vehicle miles are racked up annually by HGV traffic. That’s a constant flow of traffic, at all times of the day. Dashcam footage from this fleet has helped provide evidence in numerous serious collisions, helped expose reckless drivers as well as exposing crash-for-cash fraud.
Be a trucker, be the best 

5.       They can be heroes!

Lorry drivers not only help avert accidents with their quick thinking but are often among the first on the scene at traffic incidents, acting as first responders until the emergency services arrive. Two drivers of note who put the lives of others above their own safety are John Harrington of DHL, who helped to save the life of an elderly gentleman suffering a heart attack and Robert Brown, of Eddie Stobart, who attended the scene of an incident, comforting a young girl trapped inside a car. Both of these drivers were awarded the ‘HGV Hero’ Microlise Driver of the Year awards.

Hero truckers 
 While in the UK we have our own Awards ceremonies, including the Microlise Driver of the Year Awards and the Motor Transport Awards, we don’t have calendar dates to celebrate our lorry drivers. Isn’t it time we caught up with our transatlantic compatriots and celebrated the drivers that keep our economy moving? That’s a 10/4 from us, good buddies! 

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