Another 10 great Christmas presents for truckers
Another 10 great Christmas presents for truckers

It’s that time of year again, there’s just a few days to go until Christmas! If you’re stumped on what to get your trucker lover, fear not because has some superb suggestions to get lorry drivers across the country in the Christmas spirit! Even if the driver is a bit of a Scrooge at Christmas, these gifts will get them singing Christmas classics on the road!
#1: Sweets 
 You can’t go wrong with sweets for anyone who has a sweet tooth, especially if they’re a trucker! Nothing beats having some Haribos or Allsorts to keep you energized on the road. Or maybe just a bar of Toblerone! These sweets are the favourites for many lorry drivers and a welcome gift at Christmas.
Where to buy: Any supermarket

#2: DVDs to watch in the cabin 
 The best things to go with sweets? Movies! If your present receiver is a driver who often has long nights of sleeping in the cabin, one of the best gifts to receive would be a movie to kill the time – or just have on in the background until they fall asleep. Your driver could be a fan of Westerns, Sci-Fi or even documentaries and you can find all sorts in stores!
Where to buy: HMV (2 movies for £10)

#3: Toys to put on the dashboard 
 As long as they’re a reasonable enough size not to block the driver’s sight, teddies, figures and collectibles are appreciated by many truckers. If they have passion for a particular series, they might want a certain set to display on the dash. Or maybe they just want a teddy to hug when the nights out on the road get lonely. (  ) 
Where to buy: Toy shop/Disney store

#4: A new pair of boots 
 Nothing beats something new you can put to practical use, especially during the colder end of the year. Your trucker might appreciate a pair of decent boots to combat rain, snow and if they travel far enough… maybe even sand. The great thing about this is there are so many kinds of boots, if the driver likes to look trendy maybe they’d like a pair of Timberlands. If not, a decent pair from Shoe Zone will do nicely!
Where to buy: Timberland… or Shoe Zone

#5: A sticker for their truck 
 If the driver in questions loves a laugh, why not get them a funny bumper sticker? If you’ve seen The Inbetweeners, you know what kind of stickers I’m talking about. If not that, get them a sticker from their favourite TV show, or a musician they like so they have a means to express themselves while on the road!
Where to buy: Etsy

#6: Mini lava lamp (USB powered) 
 Perfect for relaxing in the cabin, you can find small lava lamps. Whether they’re shaped like jelly fish, or just as blobs it also makes for decent dim lighting if you don’t want your cabin’s back light on at night when you’re trying to sleep.
Where to buy: Amazon

#7: Mini stove 
Maybe the driver prefers warm food to the cold and can’t always afford to eat out on the road. If that is the case and they don’t have one, they’d find a mini-stove handy to warm up some grub on. With one of these stoves, their cabin becomes a 5 star restaurant! That may be exaggerating, but at least they can boil up some pasta, or eggs, or whatever else they fancy!
Where to buy: Currys

#8: Blind spot mirror 
These mirrors make it much easier to see potential blind spots, originally they were just for cars but eventually they were also introduced for HGVs. Safety is one of the best gifts you can deliver for a driver on Christmas!
Where to buy: HGV Direct

#9: Tablet/Nintendo Switch 
 If they’re into gamer they most likely already have a tablet, but if it’s old and they need an upgrade there are plenty of options and a wide selection to match your budget. Most play mobile games, so you can easily get a reasonably priced tablet (like the Amazon Fire). If you’re willing to spend a bit more and they like full-length games, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for them, they are able to use it on the road portably and on a TV at home!
Where to buy

#10: Steering wheel cover
Steering wheel covers are especially handy this time of year, when the inside of your vehicle starts to get freezing cold and the last thing you want to do it hold onto the steering wheel because it feels like ice. A steering wheel cover warms up much faster and generally feels more comfy to hold. If the driver in question doesn’t already have one, it’s the perfect gift!

Hopefully you have some inspiration for your gift! Comment with any other suggestions and have a great Christmas!

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