Best Ports with sights to see in Europe
Best Ports with sights to see in Europe

Are you a haulage globetrotter? Love to cross where you’ve been around the world off of a map? The job is even better if you have great views on the way to your delivery. To celebrate Euroloads coming to Returnloads NEXT WEEK, we’re taking a look at some of the best ports to complete a delivery and see some amazing sights along the way – at least you can imagine you’re on holiday!

Port of Cannes – Cannes is famous for its’ superb sights, especially in the summer. Many goods are moved in and out of the nearby fort, the city also hosts the annual Film Festival. The city has a history that goes as far back as Ancient Greece. 

Port of Barcelona – On-top of a well-recognised football team and a great temperature to boot, Barcelona has one of the biggest ports in Europe. It goes back 2000 years and in the 21st century, the Port of Barcelona is the 10th busiest in Europe. With plenty of demand for delivery of goods, if you work internationally it would be surprising if you’ve never been!

Port of Gdansk – Located in Poland, the Port of Gdansk stretches along the Kashubia Channel. Surrounded by rivers and greenery just outside of the city of Gdansk, it could be the ideal place to get better in touch with nature. It’s also the 18th busiest port across all of Europe.
Port of Ibiza – The Port is better known as a tourist spot, but that makes it even better if you’re set to have a delivery there! With some amazing views, incredible architecture and generally superbly sunny weather – is there any better place to deliver goods?

Port of Amsterdam – The port of Amsterdam may not be as sunny or have the views that the previously mentioned locations do, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in things to do! The city is well-known for how much there is to do as well as exploring the canals within. It ranks overall as the 4th busiest port across Europe, so it’s likely internationally hauliers will pay it a visit at least once!

Port of Marseille – The second port on the list located in France, Marseille is truly beautiful with a lively city alongside the port – if you’re stopping overnight at the port head into the city and try some of the local cuisine within the city. Ranking as the 5th busiest port in Europe, your travels may very likely take you there!
Port of Rotterdam – For 42 years (1962 to 2004), Rotterdam held host to the busiest port in the whole world. Right up until 2004, at which point Singapore claimed the title – followed by many other ports like Shanghai. It is still the busiest port across all of Europe and it’s easy to see why. Opening in the 14th century in the Netherlands, it has held host to a wide range of exports and imports across Europe. To boot, the port’s night light is a sight to behold – as the 11th largest port in the world.

Mersin Harbour – The Mersin Harbour is located in Turkey, it was constructed more recently – in the 1950s, as a gateway for goods to the Mediterranean Sea. Development was due to begin much earlier, in the 1940s, but due to cuts thanks to the cost of World War Two, the Government couldn’t approve the project until much later, when the war had ended and the economy recovered.

Port of Sines – As the 14th busiest port in Europe, Sines is Portugal’s biggest port. The port sees thousands of containers moved in and out every year. It operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – meaning operations within the port never stop. There are worse places to stop, especially when you can soak in the sun along the way.


Port of Genoa – Genoa is the busiest port in Italy, as well as the 12th busiest in Europe. With connections to the Mediterranean Sea, the city also hosts a vast amount of nightlife. With the beautifully lit city reflecting onto the ocean. Another location ideal to stop-off overnight and enjoy some of the best food Italy has to offer.

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