Best truckstop pubs & bars in the UK
Best truckstop pubs & bars in the UK

While there’s plenty of other places to stop, sometimes you need an overnight rest somewhere that you’re guaranteed a delicious meal and a refreshing cool soft drink at the end of your day. These locations are cozy, welcoming and offer more than enough parking facilities for lorry drivers. Where better to rest up for the night?

The World’s End, Tilbury – The World’s End is just outside the Port of Tilbury, where plenty of truck drivers find a great spot at the edge of town to rest overnight. Their truck parking can fit around 30 HGVs (more often than not the site will be full overnight) and they offer some great food in a chilled out and welcoming pub setting.
Red Lion Truck Stop, Northampton – The Red Lion Truck Stop is an all in one pub, café and social hub for truck drivers who need a break. It offers parking, food and a casual bar vibe for truckers to sit and socialise in (or go on their phones!)
The Stockyard, Rotherham – Not only do they offer homemade food, the Stockyard also has regular quality entertainment for truckers. It can often get busy, the sooner you arrive, the better! In the week, they also offer karaoke – with parking to facilitate over 200 trucks. With a great atmosphere, you’ve got to make a stop sometime!
Ashford International Truckstop, Ashford – Ashford Truck stop is on route to the Port of Dover, it often has regular visitors. With a restaurant scoring 5 stars, a shop to get any required supplies along with a fitness gym if you’re trying to stay fit while on the road. With 580 parking spaces available, there’s room for plenty of truckers!
The Angel Inn, Norfolk – With available parking as well as other parking facilities in the area, the Angel Inn is perfect for drivers in the Norfolk area. With a delicious Bed and Breakfast on offer and tasty meals in the evening, it’s also the perfect location for some exploring with green land all around. You may even want to come back and bring your family camping?
Any other sites you would suggest? Let us know in the comments!

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