Britain’s most haunted roads
Britain’s most haunted roads

Britain’s most haunted roads

Ever driven in your truck feeling like you might not be alone? Looking in the corner of your eye thinking someone’s there and turning your head to see nothing? If you’ve had a trip down one of these roads, it’s very possible you weren’t alone after all. These are Britain’s most haunted roads.
Read on: if you’re brave enough!


Many have witnessed spooky sightings when driving by the well-named Devil’s Highway.
There is a high rate of accidents on the road and many have reported witnessing “dark shadows of spirits” that cause them to swerve and lose control of vehicles. Others consider the tales a mere myth.

A666 - Devils Highway

Blue Bell Hill, Kent

In the most horrifying place of all: Kent, many report witnessing a bride who was killed in a tragic crash in 1965: Susan Browne, who died on the way to her wedding.
Fifty years after the tragedy, there have been reports of a ghostly sighting of her 22-year old spirit still in her wedding dress.
 “Locals say she haunts the road, wearing a white dress and jumping out in front of startled drivers who then believe they’ve hit and injured her,” explains Joe Holbrook, a local. “When they get out of their car to help, she simply disappears.”

Ghostly roads

Cock Lane, London

Going way back in time to 1762 the story of the Cock Lane ghost received national attention. 
A small road in London which was rumoured to home a famous London ghost.
Many still hear weird noises and catch glances of spooky apparitions travelling down the lane.
The spirit is supposedly Elizabeth Kent, wife of a tenant, who died during childbirth.
Many say that her husband had been involved in a secret relationship after Elizabeth’s passing and were caught by her ghost, who continued to haunt them.
Some theorise that after Elizabeth’s sister later died, that Mr Kent had killed both women who now haunted the London lane as a reminder of what he did.

The most haunted roads in the UK

The Old Tay Bridge, Dundee

A bridge opened in 1878 with a disaster striking a mere year later.
The bridge was weakened during an awful storm, which made the newly developed bridge collapse with a train travelling across it, all 59 people on board the train tragically died in the accident. A replacement bridge was developed in 1887 with remains of the original still intact.
Word is that on the 28th of December every year, the date the accident happen, a ghost train travels the bridge where the incident took place. Many locals say they hear a traditional train engine during that time, but nothing in sight.

Old Tay Bridge Disaster

A636, Wiltshire

An infamous ghost legend in the Brown’s Folly Woods close to Bath.
There are multiple versions of the tale as to why the A636 is haunted by a youthful girl in a white nightgown.
One version tells that a Victorian girl was attempting to escape a nearby tower at Brown’s Folly and was ran down and killed on the road.
Others suggest she was a gypsy girl who was trapped in the tower to starve until death, who now travels the roads as a free spirit.
Some have heard her singing in the woods and the road is notorious for dangerous accidents.

Scary or haunted

Stocksbridge Pass, Yorkshire

The bridge is said to host multiple spirits, during the 1980s many reported a monk who materialised inside of people’s cars, which could cause them to crash. No reports of the entity have been submitted since the 80s.
Others have reported overhearing children singing, although never sighting them. During the Iron or Bronze Age historians report that the site may have hosted sacrificial rituals, although no records have ever been found of such sacrifices but many during the period were never reported.

The Monk Haunted Road

Kinmount Straight, South West Scotland

John Hill, a Most Ghostly paranormal investigator  recollects: "So much has happened at this spot.”
Mr Hill and founder of Most Ghostly Kathleen Cronie have heavily researched the spooky history behind the road and eventually introduced a ghost coach tour.
"There have been screaming hags, eyeless phantoms and a menagerie of unearthly creatures witnessed on this famous road." said Ms Cronie.
Bob Sturgeon lives beside the A75, for a time ran a roadside snack van, close to the sighting "hotspot". He was often visited in early morning hours by traumatised lorry drivers who had parked in close lay-bys.
"They weren't the kind of people who would talk to each other. They were long-distance HGV owner drivers - they were well separated - so it wasn't as if there was a group of them gathered in a pub and passed round stories. Most of these things were all just individual experiences."
Many reports involved sightings of people pulling handcarts or carrying bundles, true to the medieval period. One man was so traumatised he retired from lorry driving entirely and Mr Sturgeon never had a visit from him again.
"He had been parked on the Kinmount straight and he had woken up at the back of three in the morning and he saw this 'parade' of people," he said.
"He said that it went on for ages and he had just frozen - he was in an awful state.
"It doesn't matter if you blame it on imagination or fact or whatever, it certainly affected him badly."
There are still many reports submitted about the supposedly haunted road.

Scary roads UK
Do you have any eerie ghost sightings to share? Comment below and have a spooky Halloween!

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