Businessmen who would be bankrupt without their truck/van drivers
Businessmen who would be bankrupt without their truck/van drivers

These businessmen are some of the most successful in the world, but without their drivers on the road their businesses wouldn’t be able to stay afloat. Some of them rely on their vehicles so much that without them they would almost certainly fall into bankruptcy


 Richard Branson – Richard Branson is one of the most successful businessmen of all time. The founder of the Virgin Group, who now own over 400 companies. Providing so many different services, including Virgin Megastores, it’s unquestionable that being without his drivers could put some of Branson’s subsidiaries in a tight spot!

Regarding his employees, Branson said “If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers.”


 Donald Trump – Before he became the 45th President of the United States, Donald had a wide range of successful businesses. Many of which were founded from properties he developed while in business. Without hauliers working within the construction industry he never would’ve got all the components he needed to make Trump Tower so shiny in the heart of New York.

Alan Sugar – A lot like Trump (whom he doesn’t like very much), Sugar has a property empire that relies on drivers to move the necessary goods for construction. His biggest business venture, Amstrad, produces interactive Sky boxes for the UK. Without drivers, how would they get moved into our homes? No Sky TV? No Game of Thrones!


Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft, one of the most successful and influential men of our time. Even he couldn’t survive without truck drivers. Who would move their technology across the globe? Can you imagine a world with no computer deliveries? Human civilization as we know it would collapse!


Victoria Beckham – She’s known for being Posh Spice, but she’s also a major business influencer. Victoria has her own fashion label, which offers dresses, make-up, perfume and even handbags. The label is considered world-class and trend-setting. Without drivers, Victoria’s brand doesn’t get moved anywhere… so the only thing the girls of your family will be unwrapping this Christmas is disappointment.


Elon Musk – The man who blew our minds in 2017 when he announced Tesla’s self-driving truck, ironically, needs trucks in their current state. It’s great to have environment friendly cars, especially when they look this sleek, but how would you get them to the nearest depot without a truck to their soon-to-be owner? Unless you plan to tow them one-by-one, you need a Transporter for that job!


Jeff Bezos – The founder and CEO of Amazon started out small, but now the company is the biggest internet retailer in the world. Amazon deliveries without drivers is impossible, playing a vital role in the next-day delivery service the company is so well known for.
Can you think of other businessmen we missed? Comment them below!

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