Essential Tools That Every Lorry Driver Should Have
Essential Tools That Every Lorry Driver Should Have


Essential Tools Every Lorry Driver Should Have

The life of a lorry driver is hard graft. Long days and in some cases nights on the road, always having to be fully aware of what is going on with the weather, other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and of course road conditions.

Lorry drivers must be prepared and ready to perform heavy lifting, loading and unloading loads at the end of a long day of driving sometimes in extreme weather conditions. The most important tool of a lorry driver is their hands, however there are other tools that can help make the job a little easier and come in handy in a situation of a breakdown or accident.

Here are some essential tools every lorry driver should have:

·         Leather and rubber gloves. A good pair of work gloves will help you in many situations, including fueling, opening the trailer, pulling tandems and unloading goods.

·         Tire pressure gauge. It is essential to check your tires daily to prevent flat tires and maintain maximum fuel efficiency.

·         Radiator or small engine belt. These will come in useful when pulling tandems and fifth wheels.

·         Kneepads. You may look like a skater but these are brilliant to cushion knees on hard surfaces if you need to crawl under your lorry for any reason or adjust slack adjusters.

·         First aid kit. Goes without saying as one of the most important things you should have. This should include plasters, bandages, gloves, tape, ointment, eye care products, scissors, and cold packs.

·         Wide peaked cap and suntan lotion. The combination of these will help you protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays.

·         Screwdriver and hammer. These are essential tools for a variety of jobs around your lorry, having a complete set of screwdrivers will always come in handy.

·         Wipes. Baby wipes or wet wipes are good for cleaning up spills or wiping your face and hands for light refreshment.

·         A solid pair of work boots. A heavy-duty pair of boots, they must be comfortable, you get what you pay for with these things but they are well worth the investment. As a wise man once said ‘never scrimp on your shoes or mattress because if you’re not in one you are in the other’.

·         Spanners, sockets, channel locks and pliers. All of these types of tools make small maintenance jobs around your lorry much less work.

·         Caulk and a caulking gun to patch up small holes.

·         Spare light bulbs to change out burnt out ones when needed.

·         WD-40 the essential lube of life.

·         Zip ties and electrical wire.

·         A good torch with plenty of spare batteries.

·         A utility knife can be used for various things around the lorry including to measure tyre tread depth.

·         An adjustable spanner and socket set.

·         A breaker bar to loosen the toughest nuts.

These are all essential tools which you should carry in your lorry at all times. What tools could you absolutely not do without in your lorry?

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