Europe’s longest tunnels
Europe’s longest tunnels

Ever travelled through one of these sprawling tunnels?  Europe is host to some of the largest tunnels in the whole world and today, we’re going to take a look at just a few of them!

Gotthard Base Tunnel – The Tunnel that travels beneath the Swiss Alps, it is currently the world’s largest rail and road tunnel spanning over 151.840 km beneath the Alps. It was constructed quite recently, opening for use on 1st of June 2016.
Mount Ovit Tunnel – Located in the North East of Turkey, the tunnel crosses between two proveniences of Turkey and was constructed beneath one of the country’s largest mountains. The original tunnel designs beneath the mountain date back to the 1800s with the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The tunnel extends just over 14,000 metres in total.
Arlberg – Located in Austria, extending over 13 km, the tunnel extends 1,318 metres above sea level and travels towards Volaberg. When it was first constructed, it was the largest tunnel in the world – a record which has since been topped by tunnels in the States, as well as those mentioned in Europe.

Tunnel du Mt. Blanc – Developed as the connecting route from France to Italy, via the E25 Tunnel du Mont Blanc was opened to the public on 19th of July 1965. With 2 lanes in place, the tunnel extends across the alps at 11.611 km. It is one of the most used tunnels for freight in all of Europe.
Gudvanga Tunnel – Found in Norway, the tunnel connects to the very nearby village of Gudvangen – part of European Route E16. Reaching at 11,428 metres, the tunnel was opened on 17th of December 1991. Over the last 10 years, the tunnel has recorded 3 vehicle fires.
Plabutsch Tunnel – The tunnel at approximately 10km is based in the West of Graz, Austria. In 2017 the tunnel saw an extension in an effort to balance out traffic the area surrounding the tunnel was facing due to its limited capacity.

Tunnels of the M-30 – Based around Madrid, these underground tunnels extend across the whole city leading to a much easier flow of traffic and better networking within each borough. Circling around the whole city – the tunnels offer at least 3 lanes in each direction.
Breiðadals- og Botnsheiðar Tunnel – Listed as the longest road tunnel across Iceland, it has the unique feature of utilizing 3 sections allowing for quick access to the cities of Ísafjörður , Suðureyri and Flateyri. It stretches over 9,000 metres and was opened to traffic in September 1996.
Variante di Valico – Opened on the A1 motorway in late 2015, the tunnel is within central Italy. It covers 62.5 km with three lanes on either side of the road. It runs parallel to the central part of the A1 motorway between Bologna and Florence. Splitting into 2 sections it links to the south side of nearby mountains.
Western Scheldt Tunnel – Reaching over 4 miles, the tunnel in the Netherlands carries the highway N62 below the Western Scheldt estuary between Ellewoutsdijk and Terneuzen. The tunnel is the longest for vehicle access in the country.
Any tunnels we missed that you’ve paid a visit to? Let us know in the comments!

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