Haulage companies: How to know what size truck to get
Haulage companies: How to know what size truck to get

Haulage companies: How to know what size truck to get

Whether you’re just setting up a haulage business, or looking to increase the size of your fleet, making decisions about truck size is challenging. It can be difficult to predict what kind of dimensions you’re going to require to cater to client demand but unless you make an informed decision then you may find yourself without the resources to deliver on promises made. When you’re looking at what truck size to get these are some key details to bear in mind.

Avoid a truck that’s too large

There are a number of disadvantages to a truck that is just too big for the contents it’s carrying. For example, once the vehicle is in transit items inside may begin to move around. This not only creates the risk of damage to those items but may also result in injury for anyone handling them. A truck that’s too large will not be cost effective when it comes to profit and may also create difficulties in terms of where to keep it when not in use.

Steer clear of vehicles that are too small

Just as a truck that is too big can create issues, so can a vehicle that’s on the small side. There are dangers with respect to overcrowding when it comes to smaller trucks, as well as improper stacking. This can create the same issues with respect to damage to items as well as injury for anyone who is tasked with loading and unloading items from the truck.

Finding a size that is just right

It’s worth the time and effort to try to identify a truck that is going to be the right size for your business needs. These are some of the most essential things to bear in mind when making the decision:

• Inventory your stock. Start by looking at what needs to be transported. This may mean carrying out an inventory of existing stock or calculating the space requirements of upcoming client jobs over the next couple of months. Work out the average van load so that you can make sure you get a vehicle that is around the right size.
• Look at your existing parking space. It may seem like a small detail but it’s important that you have the space to park the truck you get on existing premises rather than having to work out arrangements somewhere else.
• Make sure you shop around. Understanding all the options available to you when it comes to trucks will give you a much better idea of what is likely to be the best one for your business. Take the time to shop around to look at dimensions and performance. What kind of fuel do you want the truck to use and is environmental efficiency important? There are so many different options available today and a little research could help you to identify the perfect one.

Finding the right truck for your haulage company is a process that can be incredibly productive if you get it right.

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