Highest paid HGV Jobs
Highest paid HGV Jobs

1. Ice road truckers: not only are these truckers rich, they’re famous! Ice road truckers face a 414 mile route, this route is spent 75% of the time north of the Arctic Circle. This means going up against brutal storms, white outs and severe temperature drops which can reach as low as 40 degrees Celsius. This role is during a 3 month period, the pay when converted from $120,000 is around £89,000. More than enough for a relaxing holiday!

2. Truck driver in mining: This role is slightly more specific, involving some of the world’s largest lorries… the mining industry’s pay is some of the best in trucking. Specifically in Australia where mining is a huge part of the economy. Many truck drivers train to get involved in the roles on offer for lorry drivers in mining. The trucks are the biggest in the world due to the amount of weight they have to move on an hourly basis. This can pay up to £74,000 annually.

3. Trucking in Iraq – Earning up to £180,000 being a truck driver in Iraq is a dangerous job, being well-paid for the risk, these drivers could be kidnapped or attacked as they travel all across the border. Some are civilian trucks while others carry supplies. These drivers are an essential part of the “shadow army” but it also exposes them as a potential target for attacks.
4. Car transporters – This role is a great option for drivers in the UK. Car transporters are relied on to get dozens of vehicles from A to B all at once. On average a Car Transporter driver will earn around £34,000 or £17 per hour.The average Car Transporter Driver salary in UK is £34,052 per year or £17 per hour, which is 1.2 times the country’s median. Experienced drivers could be earning up to £48,000.

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