How hauliers can benefit from a haulage exchange
How hauliers can benefit from a haulage exchange

A haulage exchange allows any haulier to run a better business. From owner-drivers to large, international haulage companies every part of the industry benefits from using a haulage exchange as a resource. This type of online marketplace creates an efficient environment for finding and exchanging haulage and courier jobs. It can provide access to a much wider range of work and has a number of key benefits for hauliers looking to extend professional networks and stimulate growth.


Passing on cost savings from drivers

There are many ways in which any haulier can benefit from cost savings as a result of being part of a haulage exchange. For example, many return journeys are often completed with an empty vehicle, which means this is effectively expensive dead mileage. The cost of fuel, as well as driver time is wasted. Working with a haulage exchange ensures that there is no dead mileage and that the opportunity to increase profits from a full truck on every trip is maximised. There are also opportunities to benefit from reduction in cost as a result of better driver practices, from reducing fuel consumption through better route planning to greater fuel efficiency as a result of improved driving behaviours.


Increasing the size of the business

A haulage exchange can provide access to a broad spectrum of opportunities – for example, on Returnloads there are 100,000 available loads online every month. These range from 7.5t loads to full curtainsider loads. Being a part of this marketplace enables a haulier to considerably expand the business and take on new types of work. Custom alerts ensure that there is no need to miss out on the latest jobs that could be the most appropriate for the business.


Opportunities for sub-contracting

If restrictions on the size of a haulage business have in the past meant that work has to be turned down, being part of a haulage exchange can change all that. Instead of refusing jobs, sub-contracting via a haulage exchange allows any enterprise to flexibly increase the size of the fleet as and when required. The right type of site will provide insight through reviews so that it’s simple to ensure that the standards of the business are going to be maintained by every sub-contractor.


Networking and contacts

There are vast opportunities to increase connections to other hauliers, freight forwarders and manufacturers by being part of a haulage exchange. These connections can be crucial when it comes to building the business and finding the right people to support that process. They allow a network of sub-contractors to be established to ensure that no opportunities are missed to take on more haulage roles.


Integrating technology to maximise efficiency

A haulage exchange integrated with GPS tracking can provide insight into the location of all vehicles in a fleet at any time. The right freight exchange will also provide simple integration with existing transport management and telematics systems so as to maximise overall efficiency.


Working with a haulage exchange provides a very wide range of benefits for hauliers. From cost savings to increasing the volume of work the opportunities are extensive.

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