How to become a forklift driver
How to become a forklift driver

Decide on the forklift you want to drive

There are many different forklift types you can drive, it might be an option to learn with the vehicle you’ll be working with depending on the school you learn through. This would make the process of preparation for any role much easier if you already have experience with the vehicle.
Once you know the requirements you need you should submit an enquiry with the training centre you would like to join.

Get in touch with the training centre

With the correct facilities, the support you need and the studying provisions and appropriate equipment you will be introduced to a qualified instructor who will supply you with the required training for your forklift licence.
This could also be the opportunity the schedule your lessons, informing the instructor of the times you are/aren’t available.


Going to an in-class lesson

When you start you will need to attend class discussions, this takes a lot of time up to focus on the theory before being applied practically on the road. 
There will be a written test at the end of the class to ensure your performance and knowledge is passable. In this test there are some mandatory questions that have to be answered correctly for you to pass and move on to the next step of the process.
After the theory, you will move onto the practical test.


Handling the Forklift Practical Test

This is a vital part of the test, the ultimate decider. This is when you will put all the skills you’ve learned during training to good use and prove to the examiner that you are capable of handling the forklift professionally and safely.
You will be asked to complete a series of manoeuvres, if you have anything over 3 5-point penalties will lead to disqualification at which point you will need to start from scratch. If the trainer is happy with your skills during the test they will approve your certification as a qualified forklift driver.

Receiving Your Certificate

By the end of the course, those in training who have passed both tests will receive certificates.
This certificate, once signed and handed to you is an important document that is your proof that you are qualified forklift driver. Do not lose it, as you will need to show it to potential employers throughout your career for them to take you on in any available forklift role. Having it with your CV will ultimately benefit the interview process as the potential employer can scan a copy there and then rather than request you bring it at a later date. 

Now you’re qualified, you are ready to hit the road with your forklift truck and move goods with the skills and knowhow to become a professional and find a role in that suits you!


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