It's a scorcher!!
It's a scorcher!!

Getting hot in your cabin? Need to find a way to handle deliveries without melting in the sun? Here are some suggestions on things you can buy to cool yourself down on those deliveries that get super-hot if your vehicle doesn’t have air-con. By the time you have all these, you’ll feel like your cabin is the Antarctic!

Desk fan: One of the perfect things to tackle the heat, you can rest it on your passenger seat if you drive solo or get a mount for the fan and position if somewhere best for your comfort in the sun while on the road. With a fan on board, you’re guaranteed to at least be a little bit cooler.
Air cooler: You don’t want the fan to be spreading more hot air, an ideal alternative or add-on is an air cooler. Making the air less stuffy, will mean you feel less of the heat and less of a chance of being overwhelmed by how hot your cabin can get at this time of year.
Litres and litres of water: One of the most important things out on the road is to stay hydrated. This is even more so the case for drivers in particularly hot weather as the chances of becoming dizzy or faint are much higher than during the colder seasons of the year. During long journeys especially, hydration is vital. Be sure that your truck is stocked up on water if you’re anticipating a long day of deliveries.
Cooler box for food and drinks: For water and food you want to enjoy in summer, nothing is worse than when it gets warm. Water particularly tastes gross if it is given a chance to warm up. That’s why you should get a cooler box – keeping all those nice food and drinks at a reasonable temperature!
Mini fridge: Another alternative to make food and drink even cooler would be a mini fridge, one that would be a perfect fit for your cabin and make your vehicle feel even homelier. Better still, once you’ve emptied the fridge of all your food – it’ll be just the right size to rest your head near!
Front window sunshade: While you can’t use this on the road, it’s ideal when you are parked up for a break or sleeping overnight. A sunshade can help to prevent the temperature of your vehicle from getting to intolerable heights and better yet, it keeps the sun directly out of your eyes – and helps to stay cool rather than sweat out in your truck.
Ice cream/lollies: If you’ve got the mini fridge, stock up on some FABs or Cornetto’s, or whichever ice cream is your favourite! These delightfully sweet treats make for a perfect snack to refresh your taste buds and keep you from feeling too hot in the sun.
Fizzy drinks: Whether it’s Classic Coke, Coke Cherry or maybe even an Irn-Bru – get some fizzy drinks for your blue cooler and drink them to your heart’s desire. Another option is to put the ice cold cans where you’re feeling hot on your body – but that’s not the most hygienic of solutions!
Ice packs: Better for putting on your forehead, or wherever else you start feeling too hot than cans would be! Ice packs can be a lifesaver if you just need something cold to stop yourself from sweating out in the scorching sun. Stock up and keep them in your fridge or cooler!
Deodorant/body spray: Speaking of sweating in the sun, it could be a temporary solution, but this could be the ideal use for all those Lynx sets you have left over from Christmas: keep some spare in your truck through the summer. If you start to sweat and need to chill, grab some Lynx and spray it to feel the coldness from the bodyspray. Just don’t suffocate with the strong scent it leaves behind!

Do you have any suggestions or tips for keeping cool in your cabin during summer? Let us know in the comments!

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