Most dangerous areas in the world for truckers
Most dangerous areas in the world for truckers

If you’re an international haulier odds are you’ve been all around the world and seen some spectacular sights that you’ve just had to drive right by and get on with your day. Some sights are more dangerous than others though, as some drivers probably know from experience. These are some of the most dangerous areas any lorry driver can travel and some of the obstacles they could face on the way.

Ain’t no mountain high enough… to stop your delivery! Some of the most spectacular views in the world are from these heights but it’s surely one you will pass on from within a truck. With increasingly thin roads the higher up a mountain you travel the last thing you want to do is get your truck in the position the bus at the end of The Italian Job was! It would take years of practice to master the wavy roads of the mountains.

Icy landscapes
Ice road truckers know better than most how dangerous ice can be, many would refuse a job involving moving a heavy goods vehicle across miles and miles of potentially thin ice but as seen on the show, it can be worth the risk for those with the courage to steer the wheel across the ice. Even for the average driver, ice can be a big problem with black ice causing incidents on the roads all over the winter period.

Unless you happen to be trying to survive a post-apocalyptic Australian Outback, many truckers would gladly avoid this type of environment. With temperatures soaring and no other vehicles in the area for miles at a time, it can be incredibly dangerous. Especially for an older truck that could possibly break down. If you’re planning to complete a long journey across a desert, stock up on medical supplies, food and water just in case.

Small towns
It sounds ridiculous compared to our last few areas, but a small town can be just as tricky for a truck driver. With obstacles becoming increasingly smaller, tiny highstreets, lower bridges and more condensed houses, taking a wrong turn into a small town can become a big problem for a driver. With no options but to proceed through the town, driving slowly and attempting to spot and avoid all hazards which are almost impossible to see due to the size of their vehicle compared to the small road – it is a very hazardous fish-out-of-water situation.

Bridges, a trucker’s ARCH rival. If you’re driving under a bridge, hopefully you saw a sign which listed the height restriction and you’ll be confident your vehicle can fit under it with ease and no problems by the time you pass to the other side. Or, your vehicle will collide with the bridge and can be dangerous for all of those around the bridge. Avoid incidents such as this at all costs.
You could have a similar problem going across a bridge, but instead with weight restrictions. The last thing you want is the bridge to collapse when you’re still crossing it, so double-check your vehicle isn’t over the restrictions. If there are no signs and the bridge seems clearly unsteady, consider an alternative route.bridges.jpg

With falling rocks, a splash from the waves below potentially creating a slippery surface and thin roads this is a series of the toughest turns and swerves for a trucker to overcome, but if you love to see how nature has shaped the rocks on the cliff surface over hundreds of years it could make for a fascinating trip.

Have you travelled anywhere dangerous? Let us know where!

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