Nightmare routes and locations for UK lorry drivers
Nightmare routes and locations for UK lorry drivers

Sadly for lorry drivers, many of the cities, locations and even regions across the country can be a nightmare to travel through. Whether it’s because of their small roads, packed up traffic or it just isn’t a nice place to be – these are locations that will make a driver respond saying “Not there, please! I’ll go anywhere but there!” but their fate has already been sealed.

Small towns in Cornwall – If you’ve been South, you’ve seen the roads get thinner and thinner the further you get. Beyond the A30, it gets way more difficult for lorries to get around if you’re anywhere that isn’t a major city. Smaller towns along the coast in particular are a major obstacle that local lorry drivers face. It’s inevitable one of these smaller roads will have an impact on your journey. Steadily reversing, slower driving and a lack of roads designed for lorries. The wonderful views don’t make it any less stressful.


Anywhere near the QE2 – This route is designed for truck drivers, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. If there is a delay here, prepare to spend hours waiting to move across the bridge. The QE2 bridge is the ultimate test of your patience as a driver. If you’re heading into Essex, be ready to face the traffic from Lakeside Shopping Centre


London – The Capital wherever you are in the world will be busy, more so than anywhere else in the country. With an absurd amount of vehicles, regulations, pedestrians and every trucker’s favourite: cyclists, it can be utter chaos to get in and out of London in one piece along with your sanity. HGV drivers feel they are constantly at odds with TfL regarding their policies and the way in which they decide to treat drivers.

Cars in Mirror

M25 – The M25 is notorious for the traffic among UK road users. The mere mention of its name makes even the most experienced of drivers shudder. If you’ve ever been anywhere near this road during rush hour, then you’ve experienced the struggle first hand. With miles upon miles of traffic on a weekly or even daily basis, the M25 is one of Britain’s most hated roads.

Spaghetti Junction

Spaghetti Junction – From the name alone, you can guess at what a messy route this is going to be. Junction 6 of the M6, just off Birmingham. The Spaghetti Junction is a very easy road to find yourself overwhelmed by the view surrounding along with the traffic on specific routes of the junction.


A12 – The A12 runs from London to Suffolk, naturally it takes on a lot of commuters every day. This is made even worse by the amount of accidents that occur on the road causing unexpected delays on a regular basis. With that, comes a long stretch of road that truckers often find themselves stuck on for hours on end!

M6 Traffic

M6 – Passing many of the major cities of the UK, of course the road would be on here! Lorry drivers often find themselves facing the chaos on the M6 travelling between locations like Liverpool to Manchester, along with Stoke-On Trent.
Are there any other routes or locations you can’t stand travelling in your truck on? Let us know in the comments!

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