No Deal Brexit - Everything you need to know.
No Deal Brexit - Everything you need to know.

The government has published a Public Service Information Notice which specifically addressed UK hauliers, describing and going into detail about what kind of documents would be required for a no-deal Brexit between the UK and EU. This is designed to better prepare hauliers for moving goods on an international scale should the UK and EU not reach a trade deal during the transitional period of Brexit, which is set to end in early 2020.

The government still hopes to reach a deal with Brussels, with no deal being a last resort for the country as it would damage EU relations and could cause a significant impact on the ease of trade between countries in the EU and the UK. The Government has released this document nonetheless, considering all possible outcomes where Brexit is concerned.

A deal being met could maintain the level of access across the channel we currently have, as well as benefit the country’s trade on a much wider scale if the deal proves to be beneficial for both parties, with drivers able to continue movement of goods as they would today.

The outcome of a no-deal Brexit could mean UK hauliers will no longer be able to use their current licences to be recognised within the EU meaning further documentation will be required. At this point in time the UK government are confident they will be able to make agreements with the EU as a whole or individual countries who remain EU members that will ensure drivers can still use their current licences to maintain access in/out of the countries.

The question on many minds is how the ECMT international haulage permit system will play a role in trading following Brexit. Applications for the permit are open from late November, meaning firms and drivers can apply for the permit and be better prepared for the outcome of a no-deal Brexit.
A list was compiled regarding the ECMT application system, this includes information hauliers should be aware of and some of the requirements:

- Following Brexit if no deal is met hauliers could find that their current licence will not be recognised outside of the country.

- The ECMT application has been put in place to ensure drivers can operate as usual following Brexit.

- If you want to register for the ECMT, you must be a registered driver on the DVSA on-line Vehicle Operator Licensing (VOL) this must be completed by the 12th of November if you wish to apply as soon as possible. You don’t need to register more than once.

- An annual permit for 2019 will have a limited period for application, beginning on Monday the 26th of November and ending Friday 21st of December.

- You must be an Operator licence holder to apply for an ECMT international haulage permit. As the driver, you can use the permit for more than one vehicle.

- These permits are set to be limited in number, drivers who fit the criteria and wish to trade within the EU should apply as soon as possible once applications go live.

- You will know if your application has been successful by early 2019

Drivers may need to take other precautions to be certain that operation within the EU after Brexit will be a possibility for their firm, this could include application for an international driving permit (IDP). Officials have stated that further information on what hauliers can do to continue operating within the EU will be provided at a later date.

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