Quirky bits and bobs for your dashboard
Quirky bits and bobs for your dashboard

#1 Trolls – 
Older than many trucks themselves, Trolls are a collectable for many drivers, they go perfectly on your dashboard, or on the back of your car.
They’re perfect for their size, a troll will never get in the way of your sight of the road. Even if their hair were to, simply pat their head and weave the hair until you can see the road perfectly clearly.
The toy was first created in America in 1959 but didn’t become a big hit until the 60s. Since then they have gone through multiple forms, most recently the Trolls had a movie in 2016 which bought the toy line back to life.
Price: £1-5
Where to find it: Probably in your loft or garage

#2 R2-D2
There are a selection of these available of the classic Star Wars character, but we think one of the best (and most handy) is the USB min-vacuum, not only is it a great and well sized item for your dashboard, but you can also use it to clean your cab!
If you make a mess on your lunch and hate getting crumbs everywhere, this is an ideal little gadget to match all of your cleaning needs.
Price: £8
Where to find it: Menkind

#3 Rubik’s Cube
You probably had one of these as a kid, back then you could cheat by moving the stickers across to match other lines. Nowadays the whole box is made from plastic, so unless you were to paint over it yourself the only method is to actually solve the puzzle.
Even if you don’t solve it, it’s the perfect thing for your dashboard. As well as being a time-killer on your breaks, it’s the perfect size for your dashboard!
Price: £10
Where to find it: Sainsbury’s

#4 Michelin Man
One of the world’s oldest trademarks, the character was introduced at the Lyon Exhibition of 1894 as the tire firm’s mascot. Any driver knows the iconic character, along with the brand he represents. What better way to show your taste in tires than with a miniature for your dashboard of the character?
Price: £4.99
Where to find it: Halfords
#5: Figurines
Whether you are a movie fan, a footy fan or somewhere inbetween there are plenty of figurines that are the perfect size of your dashboard. You might want to get one of your favourite footballers, or favourite characters so everyone knows your personal best picks! 
Price: £2-£5
Where to find it: Retail stores
#6: Rotating disco ball

If you want something a bit more retro, that reminds you of those crazy nights out in clubs there’s nothing more appropriate than a mini-disco ball. Though, sadly you’ll have to restrict your time with it rotating to breaks and rest-stops. Either way, it still looks cool.
Price: £12.99
Where to find it: Tescos

#7: Stickers
Stickers are a great way to express yourself. They can be entirely customised to match your requirements. You might want a sticker that adds to the style of your truck, or something that gives other drivers something to laugh at. Stickers can be tailored to be applied on your bumper, windows, or (in this case) even your dashboard.
Price: Varies on item
Where to find it: Redbubble or Etsy
#8: Banners
These banners can be used inside or outside of the truck on the top of your window, or alternatively they can be folded and neatly lined up onto the dashboard. This is ideal to show all the teams you support in football, or which matches you’ve been to. This could also be the case for banners from concerts.
Price: £20
Where to find it: Local football club, or at event
#9: Football/concert shirts

If banners aren’t your style, you might have some shirts from a player’s glory days, or t-shirts from concerts that would go perfectly on your dashboard. Especially if they are signed, and could be considered a collectible, filling all of your colleagues with envy. Just be sure that it won’t blow out by the wind when you open a window.
Price: Varies on item
Where to find it: Ebay

#10 Small instruments
You usually get these small toys as a Christmas present, to some they’re just a one-minute wonder that you play with on Christmas, put it away and completely forget about it, but for the average truck driver this is the ideal item. Your break suddenly becomes an opportunity for a mini 30 minute concert. The dashboard is the stage, you play Bohemian Rhapsody in the background and beat along to it as if you’re actually on stage.
The crowd goes wild! (If you have one your driving buddy could be mildly amused).
Price: £9-£15
Where to find it: Amazon

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