15/11/2013 Forum Forum

We are always working hard here at headquarters to help make the site run better and allowing our members an overall more pleasant experience, One of the things we have been focusing on recently is the forums.
Rather than just keeping them as a simple page where the subjects were very limited, we are currently expanding them to feature more and more categories and more threads within these categories. An example of one of the new edition categories is the “Social” thread, here you can discuss anything from football to hobbies with your fellow members. Another example is the Technical category in which you can let us know of any problems you are encountering with the site or any questions you may have, it also allows you to help out other members who post queries about using the site. All the new categories will feature a “Thread Request” thread where you can request threads that you think should be added to the forums!
Remember though, keep your comments clean and respectful!

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