Staying safe on the job this winter – What to wear
Staying safe on the job this winter – What to wear

It’s the start of December, which means cold and bitter winds, rain and even the possibility of snow. For a truck driver, it’s an absolute nightmare every year! Making the job that bit more dangerous, however, is here to give you some ideas on how you can stay safe on the road during this winter which forecasters say could be the coldest in decades! To start we’ll go through what you should wear to wrap up for this time of year as a truck driver.

As is always the case, you may have some kind of dress code to match – if so consider what is given first of all. If not, here are the essentials:
A hat that keeps you warm around the ears!
Water-proof padded high-vis jacket, so you’re easy to see and not getting too cold when leaving your truck (or inside your truck if you don’t have heating)!

A decent pair of leather gloves should stop your fingers from getting cold, especially if your steering wheel is as cold as ice when you first enter your vehicle.
For bottoms, the thicker the fabric is the better. This can also be hi-vis. Anything but shorts would be good!

Most importantly – the boots. A pair of winter boots will work, but they don’t always help against slippery surfaces. This is especially the case if it’s raining and you are climbing in/out of your vehicle, which can be dangerous without the right shoes. The best solution would be some anti-slip boots designed to deal with those slippery surfaces in the rain as well as snow.
If you’re the type of person to get cold very easily during the winter, you might also want to consider these (just not the same pair everyday): 
Next we’ll take a look at how you should prepare your vehicle for the cold months ahead.

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