The 12 Most Epic Truck Scenes Ever
The 12 Most Epic Truck Scenes Ever

The 12 Most Epic Truck Scenes Ever

12.  Drive Angry – Cage Rage 
In Drive Angry Nicholas Cage plays an undead criminal on the search for revenge. His target flips a hydrogen truck, hoping to blow up Cage’s car. He drives underneath the truck as it flips, the hydrogen within explodes and deals damage to nearby cars as Cage speeds off.

11. Over The Top – Sly on the road 
Not only does this movie feature Sylvester Stallone as an arm-wrestling trucker who needs his big break, taking his son on a truck journey, it also features a track by Kenny Loggins solely for the film: “Meet Me Halfway.” While the film was unsuccessful at the box office for many truck drivers the movie is a huge nostalgia trip.

10. Cars – Truck Stop 
Cars starts as Lightning McQueen heads to his next race inside the trailer of his truck, Mack. On the way Mack falls asleep while driving as they skip a truck stop which leads to the trailer opening and Lightning falling out of the back. A situation most truck drivers would rather avoid.

9. Live Free or Die Hard – Stunt Jump 
The 4th film in the Die Hard series as John McClane faces a new threat on Independence Day, a chase occurs in which he steals a truck and attempts to escape a jet chasing after him. The jet destroys his truck, causing him to exit from the back end hanging off of the edge of a destroyed bridge, he then jumps onto the jet causing it to crash. It would’ve been cooler if the truck had landed on top of the jet instead, right?

8. The Fast and the Furious – Opening Scene
The scene that started a franchise, we see a crew of custom cars rob a truck as it leaves port. As one of the drivers takes the wheel of the truck a car drives beneath the lorry avoiding construction, before the crew along with the truck speed off into the distance without a trace.

7. Transformers – Optimus Reveal
Although it doesn’t take place until near halfway through Michael Bay’s Transformers, finally seeing Optimus Prime in his shiny glory is a huge payoff for long-time fans of the series. The truck used for the first 3 movies (the Peterbilt 379) was introduced in 1987 as Peterbilt’s flagship truck. Many hardcore fans lucky enough to own a 379 have painted their own to resemble Optimus.

6. Maximum Overdrive – No escape from the trucks
Adapted from the Stephen King novella where technology fights back against humanity, a majority of the film revolves around a group of survivors trapped in a diner surrounded by self-driving trucks, constantly circling the diner so they can’t escape. The most iconic truck from the movie, a Western Star 4800 with the Green Goblin’s head attached to the hood suffered huge damage after filming, until it was purchased and repaired by a video store owner who now takes the vehicle to conventions.

5. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior – Final Battle
The Sequel to George Miller’s Mad Max starring Mel Gibson, the final battle features a Mack R600 Coolpower, with a post-apocalyptic design. During the chase Max drives the truck with survivors to escape a gang who want their oil. The sequence is considered by many to be the best part of the Mad Max franchise, it was also the main inspiration for 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Truck Chase
How do you make the T-1000 any cooler? Put him in the seat of an 18 wheeler as he chases Arnold on a motorbike ready to crush him and John Connor under the hood. This is an iconic scene from James Cameron’s classic Terminator sequel. Terminator 2: Judgement Day was also the highest grossing film of 1991 earning just under $205 Million.

3. The Dark Knight – Joker’s Truck
During a scene halfway through the film Joker attacks a police escort in a truck. The stunts for this entire sequence are amazingly filmed and choreographed. The truck holds many aspects of Joker, including the image of a carnival on the trailer, as well as “laughter” with an S sketched by Joker to go in front of the L to spell “Slaughter”. The scene concludes as Batman flips the truck upside down. The stunt was performed by using a huge remote control piston to flip the truck, steel bars were used to keep parts of the truck in place while the stunt took place.

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Desert Chase 
In the Spielberg classic Harrison Ford chases down a group of Nazis, taking the wheel of one of their trucks with the Ark. He also has to fight Nazis as they try to reclaim the vehicle while driving. Indy falls underneath the vehicle and climbs back up to take the wheel once more, stealing the Ark and speeding off for a quick getaway. The sequence still holds praise as one of the best chase sequences in cinema. The truck used for the chase was a Mercedes-Benz LG3000.

1. Big Trouble in Little China – Lo Pan 
Of course a film about a truck driver would win! As Jack Burton and his friend Wang try to escape the Three Storms in his truck they accidentally run over a legendary sorcerer: Lo Pan. They then exit the truck as Wang guides Jack through the alleys to escape the sorcerer who survived being ran over by a truck. While the film struggled at the box office it has become a cult hit, enough for Dwayne Johnson to star in a planned remake. Could there really be any other pick for our top spot?

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