The 18 Most Annoying Drivers Ever
The 18 Most Annoying Drivers Ever


The 18 Most Annoying Drivers Ever

The Tailgater
These are terrible drivers, being aggressive on the road will get you nowhere in a hurry. Trying to intimidate road users by getting as close to the vehicle in front as humanly possible. Stupid and dangerous all it takes is a quick brake and it’s a crash.

The Slow Driver in The Outside Lane
You try to be a good driver and only use the outside lane for overtaking, but someone is cruising below the speed limit in the outside lane blissfully unaware of the huge queue of traffic they have created.
The Road Ragers
There are some people out there that no matter what you do they get all hot tempered and feel the overwhelming need to hit their horn, stick their finger up, mouth profanities and attempt to pick a fight with someone for what seems like no reason.
The Just Plain Rude


It always leaves you feeling a little annoyed when you have kindly let someone in front of you or let them pass and they don’t even acknowledge you. No wave, no flash of the lights not even a nod. I’s just plain rude!
The Texters


These drivers are dangerous. Whenever you see someone staring at their lap you know exactly what they are doing. They make you feel nervous for you and everyone around them. It is best to get away from these people as quickly and safely as possible as it is only a matter of time before they plough into the back of someone.

The Last Second Mergers


You have been patiently waiting in your lane for a while as you have seen the signs alerting drivers that the other lanes being closed, yet one after another decide to fly down the empty lane and merge at the last possible moment almost always forcing their way into the lane threating to hit vehicles if they don’t allow them in.
The Suicidal Bikers


This isn’t all bikers but the ones who, in traffic, accelerate as fast as they can and try to squeeze through every little gap at Ludacris speeds. The speed in which they are weaving in and out of traffic just highlights how little they must care about their lives.
The Slow Motorway Mergers


It can be extremely frustrating when you get on the ramp for the motorway and the driver in front can hardly get to 40mph, traffic jam if not accident almost always guaranteed.
The Bad Decision Truckers

Now we love our truckers, but when a slow truck tries to overtake an even slower truck it can cause major tailbacks. Especially when the truck driver doing the overtaking doesn’t realise there is a hill ahead.
The Ones That Don't Use Their Indicators


How frustrating is it when the driver in front slams on their breaks at the last possible moment before turning, only to then complete the turn doing less than 2mph. Indicators are there to ‘indicate’ your intention to turn use them!
The Ones That Leave Their Indicators On
It can be pretty un-nerving trying to pass someone who is driving slowly in the left lane but have their right indicator on. Are they going to switch lanes? Are they considering a u-turn or did they forget that they left their indicator on? You would think the sound the indicator makes and the flashing on the dashboard would be enough for someone to realise their indicator is on. You would think at least!
The Snowmobile
There isn’t much worse than being stuck behind one of these during winter. They barely scrape enough snow off to see out of their windscreen let they begin their journey anyway. What follows can only be described as a miniature blizzard following their car, blinding everyone in their path.
The Dark Clouders

You’re at the traffic lights patiently waiting for the lights to turn green, and when they do the car in front chucks up a massive cloud of black smoke that you have to drive through. You always find yourself holding your breath even though all the vents and windows are closed.
The Rude Boy Bass

You can hear them coming from a far, your coffee in the cup holder does a Jurassic park type vibration. The whole road starts to vibrate as they get closer and closer. Their music may be slightly too loud, most of them will need hearing aids before they’re 30. When you hear other driver’s music over yours from a mile away you know it’s too loud.
The Death Wish Cyclists


Cycling around the city roads with no regard to road laws. Jumping through red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, cycling in bus and lorry blind spots and doing all this while listening to their ipods. They must have a death wish, if you are cycling in a busy city it might be a good idea to know the Highway Code and obey the road laws.
The Too Kind

You know this type of driver the one directly in front of you that lets every single vehicle on the road in front of them when merging lanes. They need to be taught the zipper effect.
The Ones That Won’t Let You Pass



These are the type of drivers that can leave you infuriated. You are trying to pass them, legally and politely on the right of them, and they speed up so you can’t get passed them.
The Drunk Driver 
These idiots need locking up the lot of them. Putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk. If you’re going out for a drink, leave your keys at home!

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