The average trucker’s biggest problems
The average trucker’s biggest problems

As a trucker, it’s safe to say you make a fair amount of enemies on the road. It comes with the territory and road users are naturally becoming more aggressive on a daily basis, but what is the worst of the worst? Who or what is a trucker’s biggest problem? Here are some strong contenders for the average trucker’s biggest rivals on the road.
Cyclist – This rivalry goes as far back as Tom and Jerry, Batman and the Joker. The Trucker and the Cyclist. Whether the trucker is in the right or wrong – nothing quite makes a trucker’s blood boil like a cyclist does. Particularly when they love to stick as close to the vehicle as possible and potentially sneak into a driver’s blindspot: putting themselves as well as others at risk.
Transport manager – For some drivers, their biggest rival is their transport manager. Maybe it’s a lack of communication, misunderstanding or simply that they like to irritate one another but while many get on with their transport managers, others just tolerate them when they have to.
Sat-Nav misdirections – If you use a sat-nav, especially if it is a generic sat-nav and hasn’t been tailored for trucks it could often lead you somewhere you weren’t planning on going or make you lose track of your route completely. That’s why to this day, there are plenty of truckers who are happy to use a good old roadmap instead.
Unexpectedly small roads – Taken a turn a bit tighter than you expected? Good luck spending 10 mins reversing or rotating your vehicle to get out of this situation – it was a genuine mistake, but now there’ll be at least 5 minutes of traffic behind you. Hopefully future roadworks in villages will be better prepared for situations such as this.
Traffic lights – You’re already in a rush as it is, running late on a delivery or because you need a break and can’t find somewhere to stop up and wouldn’t you know it… red traffic lights across the board! There are times when every traffic light is green, but today, when you need it most, isn’t one of those days!
Roadworks – Restrictions on the roads are something you come across on a daily basis, but one of the worst for this is roadworks. If unexpected, this can drag out the estimated length of your journey and cause chaos when out for a delivery.
Box junctions – Box junctions can be the most awkward to work around. Especially if they appear with traffic lights. Considering the size of a truck, if a traffic light goes red, you have no choice but to stop. This could even mean your vehicle has stopped completely over the boxed junction which is meant to be kept clear – much to the dismay of other drivers. Unfortunately, there’s little solution to this beyond checking your route for these issues beforehand.
One way streets – Oh no, not good. One situation that can become increasingly difficult to get out of if you have turned into a small one way street, your options are following the street around or reversing along with all of the vehicles behind you. Which is a problem and also pretty unlikely – so you’ll probably end up following the road around, consuming even more of your time.
Low bridges – If it’s not the cyclist, surely it’s low bridges that are a trucker’s biggest rival. Not checking if your truck will fit under the bridge beforehand can lead to some serious accidents and damage to the bridge in front of you as well as your own vehicle.

What’s been your worst experience with one of these trucker problems?

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