The Best Cab Accessories
The Best Cab Accessories

igloo-1.jpg#1Cool box –
Hitting the road for long shifts can be difficult during the summer, especially if you can’t do something as simple as keep your drinking water, or a nice lunch cool and refreshing.
That’s where the cool box comes in, the suburban solution to cold storage on the go. It maintains a cool temperature for hours, which is sure to come in handy on those long journeys, instead of gagging over warmish water you can simply enjoy a cool, refreshing drink.
Price: £20
Where to find it: Amazon
#2 Cab kettle –
Alternatively, if it’s a colder time of year you want something that can warm you up inside and out. Does anything beat a nice cup of tea/coffee in the winter? 
This cab kettle will ale you with a fine brew, warm enough to stop your hands from shivering when clutching a cup of a nice warm beverage.
This is powered by an adapter, so it works with most vehicles. Some of these kettles also come with small plastic mugs, the perfect size for the road. With this you are prepared to quench any thirst during the winter.
Price: £11.99
Where to find it: Amazon
#3 LED Lights 
Want to brighten the scenery at night, but not too much? LED lights are the answer. These lights provide the perfect amount of brightness for reading, doing a crossword or dozing off while doing either once you’ve stopped your travels for the night. 
The lights can be taped up perfectly to the back of the cab, as each bulb is incredibly light in weight. This is where if you want to get creative with your design, you can make wonderful patterns with the lights.
They usually take 2 AA batteries, depending on how often they are used a single pair of batteries can last forever without the bulbs fading. 
Price: £2-£10 (depending on length)
Where to find it: Tescos
#4 Portable gas stove
Are you a pasta fan? Of course you are. You can easily have all your favourite warm meals on the road, with this gas stove designed for use on the go.
No longer will you need to eat a sandwich almost 24 hours old, or cold leftovers form the night before, with this stove cook whatever you want!
Price: £8         
Where to find it: Halfords

#5 Mini USB Desk Fan
With rotation and cooling, this set of fans is the perfect size for your dashboard during the hottest drives of the year. With air cooling, the device is designed for USB which means it can be plugged into most vehicles.
Thanks to the fan’s reasonable size it won’t get in the way of your dashboard or become a nuisance falling off of the surface. If opening the window on the road isn’t cool enough, this fan will surely help! 
Price: £11.95             Where to find it: Amazon

#6 Ultra-Slim 21.5 inch TV
Also perfect for caravans or motor homes, this 20 inch TV is ideal for those of you who can’t miss out on one evening of your favourite soap, or a US drama. Thankfully the future is now, these TVs also come freeview ready.
In addition to this, there is a DVD player so you can take some of your favourite movies to watch when you are resting at a stop. Not even being away from home can keep you away from the telly!
Price: £124.99
Where to find it: Aldi

#7 TV Ariel
This one is a bit obvious, but if you plan on watching all of your favourite shows as they air on TV, you’re going to need an ariel to pick up the signal.
This ariel can be placed anywhere within reach to ensure you are getting the best signal possible, while the picture might not be crystal clear you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite show there and then while on break, or resting up for the night.
Price: £6
Where to find it: Amazon

#8 Universal holder
This is designed to hold a sat-nav or phone in place, this is especially handy if you are following a sat-nav for directions and the original mount keeps tumbling off of the dashboard while you are driving.
With the holder stuck to the window you are guaranteed it’ll almost never fall off and that the device you are using is held in place securely. As long as it isn’t taking your eyes off of the road or blocking the view you are good to go with a secure way to place your mobile or sat-nav.
Price: £10
Where to find it: Sainsbury’s

#9 2 way photo album frame
Like to take your loved ones with you on the road? But over the years pictures start to fade, or are lost in the wind? Kept in a vehicle doing a lot of travel it’s almost expected that the photo will either fade, or somehow be damaged.
This 2 way photo frame is a great way to keep those pictures you care about safe, but still in sight resting comfortably on your dashboard. You can look at the picture and the image will remain as clear as the day it was taken.
Nothing could make your journey feel more homely than taking those you do your job for with you on your travels.
Price: £8
Where to find it: Ebay
#10: Car multi-adapter
What good is having all these cool gizmos if you can’t use at least a few of them at once? 
This multi-adapter means you aren’t limited to one or 2 sockets in your vehicle, you can use up to 4 of your items at once which is unlikely unless you are hot/cold, hungry and thirsty for a cuppa at the same time. If that does become the case though, this gadget comes in handy.
Price: £10
Where to find it: Halfords

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