The best lorry interiors
The best lorry interiors

Looking for inspiration for your truck’s interior? Here are some interiors that might give you some inspiration, meaning maximum comfort for the time in your truck, so much that you might prefer it to home! These modifications can make the difference between a comfy night’s rest, a lot of storage and a decent TV or being cramped awkwardly into your cabin’s bed, with little moving space and no room for anything other than a small TV if you’re lucky!
#1 - While it’s a basic design, this wider space allows for more items on shelves, including a laptop (perfect if you also happen to have a dongle to access the internet). It’s also ideal for filing invoices and other documents. There’s plenty of room for a small TV or speakers for music (not recommended while driving).
Turn your cabin into your office away from home with this design!
#2 – Relying on the simple things on the road, this trailer makes the best out of a worst situation. While it is cramped, the owner has made sure plenty of space is available by taking advantage of the space around the top of the cabin. This includes shelves as well as a space to mount a TV, on top of this, drawers also fit (for spare pants and socks!)
#3 – Alternatively, prioritising food storage could be the best option, as proven with this cabin where more than enough room has been given for the food storage facilities. If you’re on longer journeys which mean being away from home for days it would be an ideal design to take inspiration from.

#4 – Patriotism at its finest, but if you want to show pride for your country, there’s no better way than with the nation’s flag and even sheets to match. Looks cosy, right? It’ll be perfect during the Olympics or the World Cup (better luck in 2022?)
#5 – While it’s not exactly practical for a lorry driver, if you’re someone who often needs an office away from home, this is the ideal interior. Hiring a new driver? Tell them to take a seat in your office. This spacious area allows for comfier seating as well as room to handle any important paperwork.
#6 – Feeling something a bit more fancy? This driver turned their cabin into a mini-mansion. Rather than take your partner to a fancy restaurant, treat them to a night in your cabin with a microwave meal! This set-up is well-lit, inviting and comfortable… even while at the wheel. 
#7 – While this is for a different kind of truck, it’s tough not to admire this interior design. Everything is perfectly tailored for maximum comfort for the driver, as well as others in the vehicle. There’s storage for food/supplies and the lights can be brightened or darkened. This would be an ideal holiday home.
#8 – The most effective lighting for a dashboard around, this dim lighting is re-assuring to some drivers meaning you can see all of the controls at your disposal. Or even while sleeping during an overnight journey, the dim lighting can be comforting, giving a homely vibe that doesn’t make the driver feel as if they’re out in the middle of nowhere.
#9 – Sometimes nothing beats the basics, especially if you’re barely ever in your lorry. Maybe you like dust and cobwebs gathering in the lorry, because it builds character! Not ideal for sleeping in though…
#10 – Some cabins you don’t need to go all out with, those few alterations make all the difference. As can be seen here, the foamy surface on the dashboard appears to be incredibly inviting. Whether this is for paperwork, bobble heads for your truck or even as a coaster for coffee (preferably the bottom surface) this small alteration makes a world of difference to the driver.
Which of these modifications would you make inside your truck? Let us know!

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