The Future of Warehousing
The Future of Warehousing

It’s important to ask ourselves, if warehouses are so essential and work so well in their current state, why change them? Technology is having more and more of an influence on everyday life, this can be seen through the absurd average use of a mobile phone in a consumer’s daily life.
Innovation is the key to improvement, with the advancements in technology, we have also seen advancements in our own industry… but how? This is the topic of the day, as we explore all the ways in which warehousing could change.
This technology was considered for deliveries for a long time, until it was eventually trialled by Amazon in 2013, who then completed a successful delivery using the device. Drone technology could save costs in fuel, becoming an economical solution for smaller deliveries rather than being dropped by a driver, this device could handle drop-offs of much smaller packages as well as collections from warehouses.
In the next 10 years we could see the drone become part of everyday life in the warehouse environment if major firms like Amazon continue to innovate, making processing smaller deliveries much simpler. It would also mean there would be more roles for technicians within the warehouse environment.
These bots are able to carry an entire column of goods at once, meaning the amount of time saved thanks to the new technology is uncountable. Moving all these goods at once without a member of staff needing to be at hand is becoming a core part of the day-to-day workplace.
Following structured paths which they are able to detect thanks to their sensors that scan the routes they travel these devices are becoming an efficient part of the warehouse, sparing time when moving goods from one end of a warehouse to the other.
More employee space
A warehouse is nothing without its employees, those employees need to be in a happy and healthy work environment. In your current warehouse, you could find yourself in a cramped canteen that doesn’t give much elbow room, but things won’t be like this for long.
Employees can expect much more comfortable warehouse spaces for breaks, with some firms such as Amazon not only providing a canteen, but social areas and games rooms with games to play like snooker an pinball so warehouse operatives can get to know each other feeling much more welcome on their lunch break. This will boost morale for staff and improve team efforts across the board with the knowledge that they are being provided with great facilities.
IT Support
In the space of a decade computers went from a luxury to an everyday essential, with many environments now unable to function without devices at hand for records, backlogs, feedback and for collecting data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
As time passes, computers (or terminals) will only become more and more essential in the warehouse environment. It’s the perfect place to store a record of goods, employee records or file feedback from clients.
With the advancements in cloud storage and networking, this data becomes much easier to access for the staff who require it. Rather than going through a cupboard filled with old files, everything is organised onto your device where it is required which further improves the efficiency of your work environment.
Loading bay
The loading bay has always been an essential part of warehousing. It enables loading/unloading goods at a much faster rate, especially if vehicles like forklifts are also in use. While these facilities have always been a part of the warehouse, over time we can still expect to see further improvements.
This could be in the form of bots loading goods into trailers or something as simple as better lit facilities or updated guidelines, but with the ever changing form of the warehouse, the loading bay will adapt to suit these changes.
Whether you’re a lorry driver, a warehouse operative, an administrator, a manager or own a warehouse yourself you are a vital part of the industry. Without your role the industry wouldn’t be able to function now or in the future.
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