The unsung heroes who keep the UK running during a pandemic
The unsung heroes who keep the UK running during a pandemic

For the first time in recent living memory the UK is in the grip of a pandemic. It has taken some time for the reality of this to settle in for many people. Initially, ‘Blitz spirit’ saw large numbers of Britons simply going about their business and this soon meant that tighter measures were required with respect to social distancing and keeping people away from each other. Today, we are in a situation where a large proportion of the population has been ordered to stay at home. However, that doesn’t include everyone. Alongside those who are working on the frontline in the NHS there is also an army of unsung heroes behind the scenes keeping the country supplied so that the population can stay safe.
The other unsung heroes
There’s no doubt that those working in healthcare are currently at the centre of the fight against COVID-19 itself. However, there is also a whole network of others who are still working in order to ensure that essential services and infrastructure across the UK don’t break down completely. Not often mentioned in the news it’s those who work in food production, logistics and sales (supermarkets and food stores) who are also taking risks to deliver an essential service at this time.
Keeping the economy alive
When the idea of lockdown first entered the public consciousness in the UK many people’s first response was to go out and start panic buying provisions. Toilet paper shortages were almost instant and supermarket shelves began to empty out across the country. We also saw sudden issues with medical supplies – rumours that certain medications would soon run out sent people in droves to buy everything, from paracetamol to stocking up on specialist meds for conditions such as lupus. This meant an instant requirement for those involved in the manufacture and distribution of food, supplies and medication to step up and deal with this increase in demand, as well as the shortages that were being created.
An army out on the roads
While the regular army has been drafted in to build field hospitals and help cope with pressure on healthcare services and morgues, out on the roads a silent force of truck drivers and logistics companies has been helping to give the UK a fighting chance of surviving this pandemic with the population and the economy in tact. There are many tales now of truckers driving through the night to help ensure that everyone, especially the elderly and more vulnerable, are able to get the supplies that they need to continue to eat, medicate, clean and look after themselves and their families as the pandemic continues to unfold. COVID-19 has created a lot of issues for these essential workers, from problems getting food out on the road because shops and cafes are closed to the increased pressure to do more jobs and complete them in record time. The public has been asked to look out for these unsung heroes, whether that’s simply thanking them for continuing to work or helping out with food and drink.
The list of unsung heroes contributing to supporting Britain through the COVID-19 pandemic is long. From the NHS workers coping with the virus firsthand to the truck drivers and logistics firms keeping the country supplied all have a crucial part to play.

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