The Worlds Biggest Warehouses
The Worlds Biggest Warehouses

14. Aerium Warehouse, Germany
While the warehouse was recently sold off and converted into an amazing water park, it is around 70,000 square feet and located in Brandenburg, it was used to construct airships in Germany until it was put out of action and converted.
13. Amazon Warehouse, Texas
Amazon have grown in success over the past decade, with their success more and more warehouses are being developed increasing employment rate in local communities. This warehouse in Texas for example: which reached 117,000 sq ft when it was constructed.
12. Constellation, Bristol, England
Managing a ranges of beer, ale, cider and wine across Europe, the warehouse can store around 57 million bottles. The firm handles 15% of Britain’s alcohol with 261,520 sq ft to match the demand required for such a huge task.
11. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida
This warehouse is located at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It’s a smaller warehouse, you definitely couldn’t fit as much into this building as the others mentioned on this list, but this building is the largest single storey building in the world as well as the tallest building in the US outside of urban areas. From 1968 to 2011 it was designed to develop rockets, as well as other manned space vehicles. The building is so big that an interior weather system has developed as well as rain clouds.
10. Tesla Warehouse, California
Tesla Motors is based in California. This is the next biggest warehouse, being just below 500,000 sq ft. Tesla recently came into the spotlight for the haulage industry when they announced plans to develop an all-electrical lorry with development set to begin in 2019. The vehicle is set to be all electrical, hoping that the vehicle will revolutionise the industry as we know it.
9. Meyer Werft, Germany
The facility is one of the oldest (currently active) warehouses, it was constructed in 1795 as a means of developing ships. The warehouse itself is 678,000 sq ft, the facility is now used to construct some of the world’s largest and most comfortable cruise liners. On record, the warehouse has been the birth place of over 700 ships.
8. Tesco Distribution Centre, Ireland
The distribution centre was opened in 2007 and became a hub for Tesco groceries, with the warehouse being over 863,000 sq ft. In Lnestown, Ireland the facility costed more than 70 million euros to be built.
7. Morrisons Distribution Centre, Sittingbourne, England
This centre is located in Sittingbourne, along with being one of the largest in the UK it’s one of the largest in the world as well as a nature hub with multiple conservation projects in place while it was being constructed. The warehouse is 919,443 sq ft.
6. Shaw National Distribution Centre, Lancashire, England
This distribution centre is the central hub for the hugely successful Yodel, a retailer called Superforce and the Shop Direct Group who introduced, and As for the size of the centre, it is a grand size of 1 million sq ft.
5. Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Dunfermline, Scotland
Another from Amazon, who continue to show their logistical determination with another warehouse at 1 million sq ft. The warehouse is located in Scotland and is (currently) the biggest property on Amazon’s records.
4. Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant, France
In the city of Toulouse, this warehouse is used to develop the Airbus 380. It is the biggest airliner in the world. The warehouse itself comes to a size of 1.32 million sq ft.
3. Target Import Warehouse, Washington
Target developed this warehouse in Washington so they could better manage imports of goods, which is no easy feat. The facility is 2 million sq ft, and is the core of distribution for the company. They have other warehouses all across the US, but this is by far the largest.
2. John Deere Warehouse, Illinois
This warehouse is by far the largest factory parts warehouse in the world. The warehouse is 2.6 million sq ft and it is the heart of John Deere’s distribution.
1. Boeing Everett Factory, Washington
No one can question the size of this warehouse, it’s by far the largest in the world. It’s 4.3 million sq ft and takes the record for the largest warehouse and largest building on planet earth. That’s 80 football fields. The warehouse assembles airliners, specifically the Dreamliners: 767s, 777s and the biggest of all: the 787 Dreamliner.

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