Top 10 cakes in the style of trucks
Top 10 cakes in the style of trucks

#1 – This lorry cake is well detailed and structured, the ironing replicates a lorry’s design perfectly, with all of the small details like different coloured wheels, license plates, headlights as well as looking like a fresh coat of paint. 
#2 – Mack from Cars in cake form is perfect for a youngster’s birthday, especially if they have an obsession with toy cars or trucks. Just make sure they don’t eat it all at once!
#3 – Does Eddie himself have one of these for his birthday? He should! Looks just like your average Stobart truck on the road, the logos all around the vehicle have been perfectly remade into cake form, it looks so good you almost don’t want to eat it! Almost…
#4 – This cake is less about design and more about style, a simple design of the front of a lorry on the front it’s a well-crafted cake perfect for a driver’s birthday.
#5 – This flatbed takes its look from American 18 wheelers rather than the more popular vehicles in the UK, it carries a secured, covered load on its flatbed trailer. Maybe more cake?
#6 – This design is much more kid-friendly, you could almost mistake it for a toy. If your kid plays with this it’ll just ruin the cake! The lights in particular are a great detail!
#7 – An Optimus Prime birthday cake, every Transformers fan’s dream. It keeps the classic hot rod flames and perfectly resembles the design seen in the movie. If only it could transform into the Autobot form, too!
#8 – We just need to take a moment to appreciate what a creative idea it was to use donuts as the wheels of a truck! They’re the perfect size and look absolutely delicious. Having the chocolate of the cake look as if it’s dirt being moved is a great detail. Extra points for creativity!
#9 – This cake takes inspiration from Mad Max, perfectly replicating the vehicles from the third movie including the unstoppable big rig. Yes, the sand is made out of cake. That’s one desert I wouldn’t mind getting stranded in.
#10 – Another well designed and realistic looking cake. This time in the form of a tipper truck. Specifically the wheels are given extra detail which gives the cake an extra sense of realism. The surface the cake rests on has also been covered to look like a road. If this was an episode of Bake Off, whoever made this would almost certainly be the Star Baker!

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