Top 10 Custom Trucks
Top 10 Custom Trucks


Top 10 Custom Trucks

With over 6 million Lorries on the UK’s roads, it is getting harder and harder for Haulage companies to make their company, and their vehicles stand out from the rest.
But the following companies have gone a step further than choosing an obscure, bright colour or a catchy slogan on the vhicles curtains.  What can only be described as “Pimp My HGV”, here at, the UK's leading online haulage exchange takes a look at the top 10 Custom Trucks. Who knows, you probably have already spotted one of these head turners on the road already!

1. T-1000 Miles

This very cool looking Terminator paint job will certainly increase your heart rate if you see it approaching in your rearview mirror, Just watch out for the Teenager on the scrambler!


2. Say it isnt Slow...

If you wanted a mean looking Rocker's truck, the go-to would have been Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden etc. but hey, we all like a bit of Bon Jovi, right?


3. Bright Idea

I don't really know where to start with this one, is it a lorry or a fairground attraction? What i do know is that i would not blame you for thinking you had seen a UFO fly by if you passed this on a road at night!


4. I ain't afraid of no load!

When there's something strange, in the neighbourhood, what you gonna do? Deliver general haulage!


5. Erm....

This one has been thrown in purely on the basis of whoever is responsible, clearly does not care about appearance! Although the artwork detail itself is pretty good.


6. Harry Trucker and the Half-Filled load

This custom paint job would surprise you just as much as if the boy wizard him self was flying biside on a broom stick!


7. Wild Thing

Not only has the truck itself sporting this very wild, safari custom look, but the trailer too!


8. Rocky Ride

It's not about how hard you can load, it's about how hard you can load and keep going!


9. Dri-ving of Fire

Why Walk the Line when you can drive it?.


10. Yippie Ki-Yay Mother Trucker!

I'm sure John McClane would have found taking on the bad guys a doddle if he had one of these beauties at his disposal...


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