Top 10 Halloween Truck Designs
Top 10 Halloween Truck Designs

Happy Halloween from! Summer’s over, the leaves are starting to fall and people this year, aren't going to be knocking on peoples doors dressed as a clown.

The world as we know it has changed due to COVID-19 and has all but cancelled the 'normal' halloween we know and love but, it's still October so we have a halloweeny themed blog for you to keep you in the spooky spirit! Some drivers like to carry the season with them all year around, with some creepy paint jobs. We’ve picked some of the best trucks with creepy and cool designs in celebration of Halloween.

#1: This truck based on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies includes some of the best characters, including Davy Jones and his undead crew!
#2: The real Ghostbusters are back! Sort of… this truck features all of the cast, along with Slimer and Stay Puft. The classic ECTO-1 vehicle can also be seen. 

#3: The Spirit of Vengeance! Ghost Rider along with his iconic motorcycle. It would be even scarier if they fit Nicholas Cage on there somewhere…
#4: Time to play! This truck will give even the boldest of truck drivers goose bumps, including Pinhead and other monsters do you really feel safe in your cabin?
#5: Why so serious? The Joker makes an appearance on this truck, with multiple designs that are sure to bring a smile to your face!
#6: Game over man, GAME OVER! Alien Vs Predator gained a huge cult following at release, enough for this truck driver to get this awesome paint job!

#7: Lord o’ bones! When this driver showed his wife his new truck it didn’t tickle her funny bone.
#8: To hell and back! This truck has an awesome Hellboy design, who better for Halloween than the demon himself?
#9: That face you pull when you get stuck in traffic
#10: It’s not Ogre yet! One for the young’uns, what’s Halloween without scaring yourself Shrekless?


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