Top 10 healthy foods for truckers
Top 10 healthy foods for truckers

Are you a career trucker?

If you’re a commercial truck driver or serial road tripper, odds are the cramped cab conditions and lack of general of options for fresh food may make life difficult for you long distance haulers. However, with earnest effort you can overcome any concerns for obesity, diabetes and even heart disease caused by increased time behind the wheel if you choose the RIGHT foods.

It may seem impossible to eat healthy when you are driving across the country, but it isn’t! There are truckers all over the show who are able to sustain a healthy diet while hauling loads on the open road. We have found simple ways for you to incorporate wholesome foods into your diet, so you can take better care of your health.

These snack ideas require hardly any effort or no preparation time. Perfect for you busy trucker’s on the go! If you are looking to bake them for yourself, or a partner who is a driver: don’t worry – we’ve also got the recipes right here, so you can bake at home for your shift the next day!

Cottage cheese – Cottage cheese is delicious, it may not be a cottage pie, but close enough! Small containers of cottage cheese have about 14 grams of protein!



Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt has higher protein than regular yogurt. A small container can have from 8-12 grams of more of protein and it’s absolutely delicious!



Fresh fruit – Apples, pears or chopped fruit, travel well. Berries are nutritious and melons are a good source of water.


Recipe: N/A

Dried fruit – Dried fruit is a good option, as it travels well. Also, good choices are dried apples, apricots, or dates.


Recipe: N/A

Boiled eggs – They are packed with nutrition. Peel them after cooking and pack them carefully paying attention to proper refrigeration.



Flapjacks – Without the chocolate or toffee, flapjacks can be surprisingly healthy. Filled with oats, seeds and the perfect mix of coconut milk and some dried fruit it can be a healthy, delicious treat on your break!



Chicken Caesar Salad – A true classic, the chicken Caesar salad is one of the nation’s favourite healthy meals and it’s perfect for storage on long journeys. A real treat when you need it, but nowhere near as unhealthy as other alternatives with chicken.



Penne with peas and beans – If you’re looking for a mix with some pasta, we’ve got you covered! With next to no prep time, high protein and a delicious taste. This meal is perfect for a tasty break snack


Spicy avocado wrap – Maybe your taste buds need something a bit stronger, that leaves your tounge feeling like a red hot chilli pepper. For this, consider a wrap that’s as healthy as it is spicy!



Omelette – They say you need to break some eggs to make an omelette, but in this case, breaking those eggs is 100% worth it. Any omelette is like a fresh sheet of paper waiting to be filled with ideas. In your omelette, you can add whichever healthy ingredients you fancy!



Other, examples of hearty, healthy snacks include unsalted pretzels, popcorn and whole-grain crackers. Being on the road does not mean you should have to eat unhealthy food. Look for healthy alternatives that will be easy to integrate into your long-haul life!

Do you have any healthy snack suggestions? Comment below!

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