Top 10 Ice Road Trucker Episodes
Top 10 Ice Road Trucker Episodes

Do you love Ice Road Truckers? So do we! This thrilling programme won the hearts of lorry drivers and truck-lovers alike all over the world when it first aired in 2007. Here’s our pick for the top 10 episodes in the whole series. If you agree/disagree, be sure to let us know!


#1 – Arctic Thaw: In the season 3 finale, over 72 hours of footage was recorded with each of the drivers out on some of the most icy and dangerous journeys yet. George retires, Lisa has the foot down for over 300 miles with no braking and another driver comes across polar bears on his route. Safe to say, this is one of the show’s craziest episodes.

#2 – Ocean Run: The truckers all feel the pressure to complete their deliveries for oil, in the episode – Lisa’s vehicle spins out of control meaning the run has to be started again. Another driver almost does the same thing. On another journey with Alex, a load nearly falls off of the vehicle as it wasn’t correctly strapped down.

#3 - Race for the Finish: 2 of the truckers partnered up together head north, until one of their vehicles breaks down while out on a delivery. While calling for repairs, they wait overnight for someone to arrive to get them back on the road.

#4 - Accident Alley: When a foot of snow falls, Lisa and Jack bring out snowplows to tackle the snowy conditions when heading out on the road. A tow truck is brought in as a collision occurs, with a truck cab needing to be towed back onto the road.

#5 - A Rookie's Nightmare: Newcomer Ray faces the worst thing a new trucker can – all because he was distracted for a few seconds. Another trucker handles the situation as poorly loaded cargo leads to damage to his delivery while out on the road.


#6 - Blinding Whiteout: A dangerous storm sweeps the roads which could stall the truckers for longer than they can afford. Jack Jesse decides that they can’t afford to lose anymore time and heads out into the storm anyway.

#7 - Arctic Whiteout: The drivers move to a new base for deliveries – moving their rigs and goods from one to the other: as this is happening, the truckers come across yet another hazardous storm.

#8 - Arctic Ice: Lisa’s time to shine, as she shows the rest of the truckers she’ll do whatever it takes to complete the delivery – as well, if not better than the male drivers she’s trying to compete with. Proving their doubts wrong, she became a regular member of the cast.

#9 - The Ace vs. The Ice: Jack Jesse, named as the King of the Road Haul by his fellow truckers – takes on the arctic wilds and cross a huge frozen river as he attempts to reach the cut-off town of Bettles. Some of the trucker’s friendships and rivalries are tested in this episode.

#10 - Turn and Burn: The ice is beginning to thaw as the season comes to an end, Lisa learns some trucker tricks and skills from Jack Jesse as they move out on the road together. Trucker Tim faces some problems as his vehicle has an electrical failure.

Any great Ice Road Trucker episodes we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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