Top 10 trucker characters
Top 10 trucker characters

Jack Burton – Big Trouble in Little China

Played by Kurt Russell, Jack Burton is the main character in the movie – in which he helps his friend Wang save his fiancé from a Chinese sorcerer who hides beneath Chinatown in the city of San Francisco. Burton is the tough-guy trucker with a heart of gold. What’s not to love? A sequel starring Dwayne Johnson is in development, with Kurt Russell set to reprise his role as Jack.


Leo Johnson – Twin Peaks

Played by Eric Da Re, Twin Peaks focuses on a murder mystery in a small town covered in secrets. Leo is one of the primary suspects for the murder as the show starts. Investigated by the sheriff, his entire character is shrouded in a troubled past which further adds to the mystery of this critically acclaimed show.


Doug Heffernan – The King of Queens

In his first big break, Kevin James played the delivery driver for almost 10 years. From 1998-2007, Doug started out guest starring in Everybody Loves Raymond, eventually getting his own show which was equally successful. Kevin James went on to play Paul Blart: Mall Cop.


Patrick Kirby – Breaking Bad

This character played an important role in what is undeniably the biggest heist of the show. Better yet, it’s a train heist. With Patrick using his truck to halt the train so the team can steal an entire fuel tank of a compound gas. This episode of Breaking Bad has some of the most intense moments of the season.


Denzil Tulser – Only Fools and Horses

Portrayed by Paul Barber, who played the character for over 30 years. Denzil is a long-distance lorry driver from Liverpool. In the show, he is often tricked by Del to be involved in one of his get-rich-quick schemes. With some great gags from the show, Denzil is a classic character from this adored Brit-com.


Imperator Furiosa – Mad Max: Fury Road

Played by Charlize Theron, Furiosa is surviving in Post-Apocalyptic Australia moving goods in a Big Rig when she comes across Max. With a lot of epic action scenes in the space of 2 hours, this character soon became a fan favourite – maybe the coolest trucker on the list?


Lincoln Hawk – Over the Top

Sylvester Stallone writes and stars in Over the Top, as the lead Lincoln Hawk. Lincoln has a distant relationship with his son as a long-haul truck driver. He attempts to bond with his son by taking him out on the road, with the effort to impress his son by becoming an arm wrestling champion. Lincoln sums up the daily ordeals truckers have to overcome throughout the film.


Sissy – My Name is Earl

In My Name is Earl, Sissy is the second female trucker on our list. Acting tomboyish, considered by other characters on the show to be a bit crazy. While driving, she accidentally hits Earl – leading him to fall into a coma. While she initially ignores the accident and denies any involvement, she develops feelings for Earl over the course of Season 3, episode 14.


Rhys Williams – Torchwood

Played by Kai Owen, Rhys is the truck driver partner of the show’s lead, Gwen Cooper. In a show about aliens, sci-fi and conspiracy, Rhys is a fish out of water. While Gwen and the Torchwood team take on aliens, Rhys is on the road. Until later in the series, when even his truck can’t miss some action.


Charlie Cotton – Eastenders

Charlie is a lorry driver who appeared in Eastenders from 1986 to 1990. Husband to Dot Cotton (who still remains a prominent character on the show), Charlie often gets himself into trouble which has consequences for the members of his family who live on Albert Square. In July 1991, his character was killed off-screen so the writers had a chance to develop other members of the family.


Any cool characters we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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