Top 10 Hero Truckers
Top 10 Hero Truckers

Top 10 Hero Truckers

Not all heroes wear capes or drive around in a Batmobile. These devoted drivers have done something incredible to help those in need. They’ve given so much to ensure the safety of others, whether it’s by donating a kidney, saving animals or warning others of danger without thinking of their own safety they make the industry proud.

Petrol head

Robert Sykes decided to ditch his petrol tanker in a field to save the lives of the drivers around him when he discovered the vehicle had a leak, following this he was air lifted out of the truck which crashed into the field. Robert was seriously injured from the incident.
Regarding what happened he said: "As I swerved off the road, in my head, I just said goodbye to my wife and kids. The only thing going through my mind was that I would rather kill myself than many others on the road, because if that thing blew, it would have been catastrophic. I was screaming in distress. People were trying to help me but I just kept telling them to leave because the lorry could have exploded. I was grateful but more worried that they would get injured because people were saying there was a fuel leak.”
Willing to accept whatever consequences may have followed, Robert did the right thing to keep the other driver’s out of harm’s way.
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Care for the elderly (and HGV driver)

Anthony Bloom was returning from a job in Scotland to Leeds when he saw an elderly woman taking a casual stroll along the motorway. He felt the need to go help her, so he parked his vehicle on the hard shoulder to pick her up, giving her a lift to her home safe and sound.
Talking about crossing paths with her, Anthony said: “I immediately started looking to see if she had broken down or run out of petrol – that’s the first thing you do if you see someone on the hard shoulder. She said she was just trying to get home and that she had been walking up and down that road for years, since she was a little girl.
“But I’ve had some experience of dementia with my mam and nan so I could tell there was something wrong.
“I said to her: ‘But the road wasn’t built when you were a little girl was it?’”
Anthony then found her address as well as her husband’s contact number written on a note in her purse, contacted her husband to tell him his wife’s whereabouts, he then escorted her home and informed the police of what took place as there had been reports of civillians roaming the motorway.
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Save a life, carry on

Sean McHugh performed roadside CPR as Brian entered a cardiac arrest, he noticed the car parked awkwardly on the side of the road, pulled over and put his hazard lights on. He went to check on the people in the car and found Brian, battling with cardiac arrest and his daughter-in-law: Julia. He saved the father-in-law’s life through CPR. It was only when Julia called Sean’s firm to inform them of what had happened that the incident came to light. Sean told following reporters: “I didn’t do it to be a hero so I didn’t think it was important to tell anyone.”
He saved the man’s life and asked Julia to call an ambulance, when it arrived he made sure they were okay then resumed his daily business as if it never happened. Julia also spoke with reporters saying: “The consultant says that there really is no doubt now how vital Sean’s actions were to my father-in-law still being with us today. I will never ever stop being thankful to that wonderful and selfless man.”
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An American Icon

Ironic though this may be: An American lorry driver was shocked when a bald eagle flew into his window. The bird became dazed and suffered serious injuries. The driver did all he could to save the eagle, wrapping it in his coat to stop the bleeding around the wounds. He called the animal rescue services who then took the bird to be taken care of.
They said while what he did wasn’t following protocol it was brave of him to do what he did, as eagles can be very dangerous. There was also no doubt what he did helped the bird’s recovery.
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Never forgotten

Dave Duncan started a campaign to raise money for the family of a HGV driver murdered during the attack on Berlin’s Christmas market. Within 7 days his campaign raised £170,000 for the family. Lukasz Urban was found dead in the passenger seat after his lorry had been used to drive into the market by Anis Amri, the attacker. There was evidence from the autopsy that Lukasz had fought the offender and prevented losses from soaring even further before his death. Dave started the online effort following the loss felt by Lukasz’s friends, family and work colleagues as a tribute for his brave colleague.
Shocked by what happened Dave decided to reach out to the family and do something to help them in their time of grief. Over 10,000 people donated to his GoFundMe page in the first week. Planned to go towards Lukasz’s funeral. He told fund supporters he had received an E-mail from Mrs Urban, saying “She is extremely grateful for what you have all done for her family. Hopefully the donations will reach her sooner than later.”
Dave also contacted the Polish embassy, hoping to get more support for Lukasz’s family at the most difficult of times as well as supporting the campaign to earn Lukasz Germany’s highest bravery honorary award. He made the Urban family’s darkest days a bit brighter, showing how much he and so many others wanted to find a way of keeping Lukazs’s memory alive, his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.
On his GoFundMe page, he said: “One of Lukasz Urban’s colleagues said he was so dedicated to his work that he probably defended the vehicle ‘to the end’.
RIP Lukasz.....from The Truckers of The UK and beyond”
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Did someone call for backup?

A real trucking hero for anyone who is a victim of bullying: This driver who refused to be named saw a gang bullying a kid much younger than them, holding him in a chokehold and threatening to steal his bike. The driver jumped out of his vehicle, stormed towards them and started fighting back on the kid’s behalf.
The driver made sure he was ok then resumed his daily work. The entire event was recorded on his dashcam and shared on the internet, going viral. No one knows who this mysterious hero is, but bullies should watch out for this guy. Speaking about the incident, the driver anomalously told with reporters: “I’m in slow moving traffic and I notice a young boy being held from behind in a choke hold… I first wonder if they are just messing around. However, the 3 lads looked older and then the tall one sucker punches the young lad. I decide to get out. The 3rd lad is trying to steal the young lads bike… by the time I approach I can see the lads are much larger than the young lad… in fact 2 were bigger than me… they are easily 18/19 years old.”
“The chokeholder violently yanks the young lad away from his bike by the neck meanwhile the tall one mounts the bike so I sprint over and hit him… I then shove the 3rd guy then turn and take on the chokeholder.”
“The young lad is turning white and is unsteady on his feet… I manage to get him behind myself and I use my best Glaswegian barks for them to f*** off but tall one goes behind us to get the bike again I presume. So I get the young lad (and his bike) over to my lorry and step in to put the nut on the tall one who continues to be a threat. Once out of shot (at passenger door) I offer to take him as passenger to nearest police station but as it turns out one of his mates had ran off to get help and so a female family friend arrived soon after and took him to safety… it turns out he was only 15”.
While everyone else walked past and let this kid be bullied the lorry driver decided to jump out of his vehicle and help.
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A tough choice

John Cleary had the choice between crashing into a family of 5 or into a ditch just before Christmas, he chose the ditch and sustained serious injuries, but thanks to his efforts the family are safe. Living in Yellowknife, the weather can be as hazardous as seen on Ice Road Truckers. Crossing an icy bridge both vehicles were unable to stop, he had no choice but to swerve his lorry out of the way of the family and into the ditch below. He was in hospital for 8 weeks with serious injuries, while he or the family involved never spoke to the press regarding the incident Cleary’s relatives said he hopes to get in touch with the family about the event that happened just before Christmas.
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Loads of fun

East Coast Truckers have been ‘delivering loads of fun to children’ for the kids who need it since 1986, with an annual trucking convoy for children to enjoy which helps raise awareness and money for disadvantaged kids in the East Anglia area. The money is put towards special days out for the kids and in some cases life-saving equipment which is vital to their health. They most recently treated kids to a trip to the Hippodrome Circus.  All of the volunteer lorry drivers take the time to ensure the truck convoy is enjoyed by the children and public alike, decorating their vehicles and helping with plans for the event.
Other volunteers collect donations from the general public who come to watch the convoy, the devotion of everyone involved in the charity is a wonderful thing to witness and contribute to. The charity really helps making a difference to those who need it. For more information check out their website or Facebook
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Catman and BB-8

A lot of drivers see animals sadly on the side of the road and try not to dwell on it, Dennis McDonald saw a cat lying face down in a puddle and decided he couldn’t go on without checking if the cat was okay. As a cat owner himself, Dennis felt concerned for the cat’s wellbeing and an owner who might be worried about their missing pet. He pulled over and went to check on the animal, who had a broken back and serious injuries, but nevertheless was alive. He called an emergency vet who was able to treat the cat thanks to donations. The cat soon made a speedy recovery and the owner was identified.
The owner sadly no longer wanted the cat, as they had given the cat to someone else before the cat’s accident. Dennis still visited the cat every so often, calling him ‘BB-8’ after the Star Wars droid. The vet suggested Dennis adopt BB-8, proving himself capable of taking care of him as an owner of 2 cats already. BB-8 now lives with Dennis’ family and looks like a completely different cat, living in a happy home.
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Delivering a kidney

Lorry driver, Cat O’Brien said “The NHS saved my husband’s life. I was trying to think of something I could do when I heard a story on the radio about a woman who donated a kidney and thought ‘I can do that’. It is a lot cheaper to do a transplant than it is to keep someone on dialysis and there are thousands of people waiting for new organs out there.”
She decided to return the favour and gave one of her kidneys as a live donor, she had support from her colleagues and husband while many were against the idea. Feeling that she was going too far. Cat said she was also interested in being a bone marrow donor.
She told reports: “I know being a live organ donor is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d say to people to sign the register (for donation after death) because you don’t need your organs after you go. You can help save many other lives and live on through other people. There’s too much hate in the world - I believe in being nice.”
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It’s not just moments like these that make you a hero. Everyday acts of kindness can make all the difference in the world. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Give loose change to charity, donate unwanted clothes to the British Heart Foundation, donate blood or offer assistance to those who look like they might need help and you’ll finish your day feeling much better about yourself as a person. You’re all trucking heroes, keeping the wheels turning, literally.

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