Top 10 Trucker Movies (Part 1)
Top 10 Trucker Movies (Part 1)

Over the Top

- Over the Top stars Sylvester Stallone in one of his most unlikely roles: a dad truck driver who’s hoping to forge a stronger bond with his son. To do so he takes on the champion arm wrestler. This is a movie only Stallone’s boots could fill, still landing from the huge success of the Rocky and Rambo movies. If he hadn’t had such huge success in Hollywood maybe he would’ve been a truck driver!

Released: 1987
Where to watch: Netflix

Joyride – A movie written by J.J Abrams, starring Paul Walker: the story centres on a group of graduates, who listen in to lorry driver’s conversations over the radio. They decide to prank one of the drivers by pretending to be a woman, leading to horrifying results…
The movie was also the first feature-length project from Bad Robot Productions: J.J Abrams’ studio that would eventually produce Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Cloverfield movies.

Released: 2001
Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Maximum Overdrive – A cult hit, Maximum Overdrive was adapted from a Stephen King novel “Trucks” which he eventually decided to adapt into a movie after being unimpressed by other director’s movies based on his books. After it bombed at the box office and was a critical failure Stephen King never directed another movie again.
What’s the story? A meteor lands which brings machines to life, turning on their creators. The movie focuses on a group of a survivors trapped in a petrol station surrounded by self-driving trucks who want to kill them.

Released: 1986
Where to watch: Youtube

Duel – Steven Spielberg is one of the most recognised directors of all time, Duel was his directorial debut, a TV movie about a truck driver and motorist having confrontation on the road which is eventually taken to the extreme.
When it first aired on TV it was considered (and is still considered) as one of the best TV movies in history. Spielberg won an Emmy for the film’s success. A 1960 Peterbilt 281 was used during filming, the vehicle has been auctioned multiple times by various truck collectors who often display the vehicle.

Released: 1971
Where to watch: Purchase on Amazon Instant Video

Smokey and the Bandit – A classic about a truck driver bootlegging beer across the States, this was one of the biggest roles of Burt Reynolds’ career. Bo (Bandit) is offered $80,000 to move crates of beer across the States while trying not to get caught by “Smokey” a highway patrol officer.

The movie made over $300 million in its run, it was the 2nd highest grossing film of 1977 behind only Star Wars. Due to the film’s success it had multiple sequels, with a rumoured remake in development.


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