Top 10 Trucker Movies (Part 2)
Top 10 Trucker Movies (Part 2)

Big Trouble in Little China – Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a truck driver who ends up tangled in a conflict between a Chinese street gang with some history. This is one of few movies with the protagonist as a truck driver, as well as his truck becoming a major part of the plot.
Sadly, the movie didn’t sell well at the box office, releasing days before the heavily anticipated Aliens. The movie was also #430 on Empire’s “500 Greatest Movies of All Time” list.
Released: 1986
Where to watch: Netflix
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior/ Mad Max: Fury Road – Mad Max is a series about a cop surviving in post-apocalyptic Australia. Usually the series features his iconic car: the Interceptor. However, in the series’ 2 most successful features, trucks feature most prominently.
Whether you prefer the tension-building tone of The Road Warrior, or the non-stop thrills of Fury Road, both have superbly filmed stunts and crazy scenes with trucks. Both Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy have starred in the title role.
Released: 1982 & 2015
Where to watch: Purchase on Amazon Instant Video

The Wages of Fear - The Wages of Fear is considered a classic, praised by critics as one of the best films in world cinema. An American firm has a fire, they hire four Europeans to drive 2 lorries filled with nitroglycerine which will be used to stop the flames. The drivers take on the job when they are tempted by how much the company is willing to pay them for the risks of the job.

Released: 1978
Where to watch: Amazon Prime
Cars – Less a movie focusing on truckers, but it sure has some trucker humour in it. Cars is great for the whole family, about a race car who ends up in a town that’s lost its former glory.
Lorry drivers should note Mack the truck, voiced by John Ratzenberger (who also voices Hamm in Toy Story as well as various other Pixar characters) was also once a truck driver himself for Texaco before he moved to London to study performing arts.
Released: 2006
Where to watch: Disney Life

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